New & Lingwood, the British brand known for its distinctive blend of classic and contemporary loungewear, relaxed tailoring and refined formalwear, announces the launch of its sustainability and circularity initiative, RE:NEW at 19 Savile Row.

Located on London’s iconic Savile Row, RE:NEW’s location uniquely positions it to contribute to larger conversations about how heritage brands can embrace the forward-facing perspective that customers expect, while still respecting the tradition and legacy of the brand’s past.


Created as an exploration of sustainability and circularity in its specific fashion sector, New & Lingwood is using this space to explore new ways of creating products that minimise waste without compromising on innovation and quality.

RE:NEW offers a complete experience for visitors, including the following highlights:

  • An exclusive collection of one-off dressing gowns, made with recycled, surplus and salvaged luxurious fabric which would otherwise go to waste
  • A repair station where old New & Lingwood pieces, as well as treasured clothing items from other brands, can be brought to be given a second life by our team of skilled tailors and craftspeople
  • Embroidery services, offering customers the opportunity to give their clothing given a fresh lease of life through on-site personalisation with initials or motifs of choice personalised on site with their initials or other designs
  • A selection of highlights from New & Lingwood’s High Summer collection

A full list of RE:NEW services is available here

“RE:NEW is a unique opportunity to take a meaningful step forward in defining what the future of luxury menswear can be. This space is about engaging in conversations around sustainability and circularity, to not only help educate, but also learn and listen to what others can teach us. It’s also a space for experimentation, allowing us to learn in a playful and constructive way. The industry is changing so quickly as people continue questioning what should be valued in a fashion brand and what that word ‘luxury’ even means. Simply using expensive cloth and complex crafting techniques isn’t enough for us. We must be proactive in soberly assessing where we haven’t done enough to improve and then making concrete plans to evolve in meaningful ways. I feel this space is an exciting move for us and just the beginning for where we plan on taking things.”

– Tom Leeper, Creative Director

“RE:NEW is perhaps the most energising of all initiatives in work at New & Lingwood. It is the first of several concrete steps we are taking towards our goal to be Net Positive and will be a seeding ground for sustainable products, ideas, innovations, and business models that will filter through into our main lines and core channels over the coming months and years.

“There has been a growing sense that we need a home for our ideas in the circularity and sustainability space, but also a way to engage directly with our community on these topics that are regularly misunderstood. It is often too easy for brands to be on transmit, rather than receive when it comes to issues like this, and we know that much of the knowledge we seek lies with our customers. Finding the right way for us to integrate this into our day to day was the challenge – and so RE:NEW was born.

“In 5 years’ time, concepts like resale, repair and rental will be commonplace. How quickly our customers come to us for these services will all depend on the conversations we have today and the work we put in. When they do come though, we want to be ready to deliver an uncompromisingly elevated experience. We are not perfect, and that is exactly why we wanted to bring RE:NEW to life.”