Ergonomic Solutions provide an added layer of protection across its product range designed to repel bacteria and offer an enhanced sense of wellbeing to customers at the POS, payment and service points, where their solutions are installed in future.

The COVID-19 global pandemic means that safety and hygiene are always at the top of everyone’s agenda. Global technology mounting experts, Ergonomic Solutions has used its position in the marketplace to lead the drive to create an environment that allows the retail, hospitality and transportation industries to enhance customer protection during the current pandemic where there’s a physical interaction with technology.



Ergonomic Solutions have offered the innovative IGP-DURA™ care antimicrobial powder coating as standard on its black  metal SpacePole® products from 1st November 2020.

The IGP-DURA®care antimicrobial powder coating is an innovative product. Using the well-known antimicrobial effect of Sanitized® Silver, it prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, and prevents strong germ growth between cleaning cycles, guaranteeing low bacterial attack. IGP-DURA®care surfaces provide an ideal complement to regular disinfection measures.


The decision to offer antimicrobial powder coating on its POS Essentials, payments and tablet and mobility products comes at a crucial time, as Europe continues to react to the current pandemic.  Essential retailers along with the transportation sector are striving to offer customers a safe and clean shopping experience. An antimicrobial coating ensures a clean surface that will not be affected with bacteria that can cause illnesses.

Commenting on the launch, Ian Dewar, CEO, Ergonomic Solutions Group said; “We’re pleased to be able to offer antimicrobial coated products at such a crucial time. Although not effective against COVID-19 specifically, the antimicrobial powder coating will play an important part in the increased focus on hygiene in retail, hospitality, transportation, and other industries where there’s an interaction between people and technology. We are dedicated to offering effective, safe technology mounting solutions and are proud to now offer this with a guarantee of long-term protection from other germs and bacteria.”

The latest innovation from Ergonomic Solutions will offer retailers and customers a heightened level of protection from bacteria and aid the strenuous disinfection processes all retailers must adhere to. The antimicrobial powder coating is available at no extra cost across the brand’s black SpacePole® product range, including POS mounts, payment mounts for all types of terminals, payment paddles, and tablet enclosures.

More information and details on the full antimicrobial range can be found here.