Following the resounding success of NEOM’s pop-up space in Bicester Village over the past 12 months, the brand has announced its opening of the permanent Wellbeing Hub in Bicester. Zebra, leading retail designers, have worked meticulously with Jungle Fit-out Collectivhttp://www.zbr.globale to create a space that embodies NEOM’s ethos of sustainability and holistic wellness.

NEOM is a British wellbeing home fragrance and beauty brand. Known for its commitment to enhancing wellbeing through 100% natural fragrances, NEOM offers a diverse range of products designed to help you sleep better, stress less, boost your energy or lift your mood. Each wellbeing range is distinguished by its unique colour palette, encompassing soothing shades of violet, blue, yellow, and greens.


Zebra took inspiration from the distinctive colours found within NEOM’s product line and have seamlessly integrated these four hues into the design of our store layout. This strategic use of colour not only enhances visual appeal but also aids customers in effortlessly navigating the space, enabling them to locate products tailored to their specific wellbeing need.

To provide a complementary backdrop, Zebra has incorporated NEOM’s signature brand colour, a blush pink, along with a classic heritage light herringbone timber floor, creating an inviting and harmonious atmosphere within the store. Additionally, the inclusion of rose gold finishes throughout the signage system serves a dual purpose, ensuring clear communication while adding a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic. 

Zebra placed sustainability at the core of the design, incorporating innovative materials like Smile Plastics worktops, made from recycled plastic yoghurt pots, FSC-certified timber flooring, and carbon positive paint. Thoughtful furniture design focuses on reusability and efficient material use, highlighting a commitment to sustainability and adaptability for future relocations.

Recognising the importance of effective communication, Zebra has also integrated lightboxes and thoughtfully designed graphics on the walls. These elements enhance the ability to engage with customers, providing visitors with valuable information and a visually appealing shopping experience. 

Lee Roberts, Zebra Director, said “As lead designers behind this transformative project, we are delighted to have played a key role in bringing NEOM’s vision to life by creating their immersive Wellbeing Hub. Collaborating closely with Jungle Fit-out Collective, our team at Zebra has meticulously crafted a space that not only reflects NEOM’s commitment to sustainability and holistic wellness, but also serves as a Wellbeing Hub in the heart of Bicester.” 

“At NEOM, the digital scent discovery test is the first thing we ask our customers to do. It’s the entry point to their NEOM Wellbeing journey; to help them discover Better Sleep, Less Stress, More Energy or Mood Boost. At Bicester Village, like all our Wellbeing Hubs, we wanted to create a retail experience that not only looks and smells amazing but is also a wellbeing escape from the hustle and bustle. When you step into Bicester you can expect a stress-free shopping experience and discover our 100% natural fragrances with true wellbeing benefits.” Nicola Elliott, NEOM Founder.

“It is always a pleasure working with the team at Zebra, and highly rewarding to have the opportunity to collaborate on projects for purpose driven brands. In this case, we thoroughly enjoyed helping NEOM, a fellow BCorp company, realise their flagship store vision. Zebra’s knowledge and commitment in searching for new and innovative materials not only acts to elevate their projects aesthetically, but also enhances each project’s sustainability credentials.” Director, Jungle, James Fairhurst. 

The NEOM experience at Bicester Village, is a calming, immersive retail experience that seamlessly brings together function and design, creating the ideal wellbeing space. The completed project is now set to offer a luxury, atmospheric customer experience.