Retailers can help ‘stop the spread of coronavirus and avoid a second wave’ with a new and unique wireless hand sanitiser dispenser according to a chemical distribution company.

Some shops and stores are already offering free hand sanitiser for customers in some form but one business has introduced a ‘pedal operated’ system which is said to be much safer and simple to use.


The Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Kiosk is the UK’s first completely touch-free wireless hand sanitiser dispenser and is being placed in entrances to shops, and supermarkets across the country to help protect staff and customers from a major resurgence of Covid-19.

The user simply places their hands under the dispenser, presses their foot down on the pedal and out squeezes the gel. With no hand contact, the safety and hygiene of users is ‘ensured at all times’ and means organisations can actively contribute to reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

Costing £299, distributors Chemtra Limited, based in Bracknell, have seen a surge of sales in its dispensers since non-essential shops were allowed to reopen on June 15, and it is clear that will now not be uncommon to see some sort of hand dispenser station in stores as retailers adjust to the ‘new normal’. Businesses are even customizing the Igieniko kiosk with their own corporate colours and logo.

Jesse Palle, managing director at Chemtra Limited, said: “As lockdown restrictions are further eased in the UK and more non-essential shops and businesses start opening up again, the Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Kiosk is designed to help stop the spread of Covid-19 on the high street and avoid a second spike thanks its unique pedal-operated system. It can help keeps employees and customers totally safe from touching a potentially contaminated hand sanitiser dispenser.

“The Igieniko dispenser is first hand sanitiser kiosk in the UK to be able to offer this technology which is suitable for many types of environments and benefits larger areas where people congregate such as shopping centres. It requires no cables, batteries or mains power and is completely wireless. The gel compartment holds up to five litres of sanitising gel – enough for around 5,000 pumps – and it is compatible with any type of hand sanitising gel.

“The dispenser can be positioned wherever the retailer wants it, and as it is cable free, it can also be moved when required but entrances to shops make the most sense and have proved the most popular to place one.”

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