In a bid to support people and planet, Shoplight is producing a Retail Trust Edition of each of its bio-polymer retail lighting products in partnership with the Retail Trust. With a subtle or more noticeable nod to the Retail Trust, each product sold from the range will result in a 2% donation to the Retail Trust. 

Through a host of support services including a 24-hour helpline, health and wellbeing support, financial aid, supported living, and career development, the Retail Trust are committed to creating hope, health, and happiness for everyone who works in retail.

Since shops have been fundamental to the success of Shoplight, partnering with the Retail Trust gives Shoplight an opportunity to give back to the people on the frontline of retail, the people who are the driving force of the retail sector.


The idea is that, if a brand is purchasing retail lighting from Shoplight’s more sustainable bio-polymer range for its new store or refit, why not buy the very same products from the Retail Trust Edition?

As an impact driven organisation Shoplight’s partnership with the Retail Trust also contributes to the sustainable future of shops. Retail Trust editions are from Shoplight’s circular UK-made, 3D printed bio-polymer range which significantly reduces carbon from the manufacture, transport, and use of retail lighting. 

Beyond Transactions: The Heartbeat of Our Communities

Shops are part of the fabric of our communities. They are more than places we go to buy things. Shops are places we go with friends and family, places we share experiences, exchange stories, and make memories together. Everyone can think of how a shop or high street experience has left an indelible memory in their lives. To illustrate this, Shoplight are launching a series of stories about the impact shops have had on members of their team. One thing stands out from doing this work, shops are about people and shops matter.

And that is why Shoplight remains committed to bringing amazing retail spaces to life so that the next generation of human connections and memories can be formed, helping to create a sense of belonging and strengthening community bonds.

Solving the Sustainability Challenge: Shoplight’s Circular Bio-Polymer Solution

A study by Material Focus as part of the Recycle Your Electricals campaign found that around 29 million LED, solar and decorative lights end up in landfill in the UK annually.

As we face grave environmental challenges, consumers are becoming more mindful of the environmental impact of their purchases. Brands are responding as they turn their attention to providing responsibly sourced products and building more sustainable retail spaces. 

Shoplight is proud to be in a position to help brands transition from land-fill destined, carbon heavy aluminium based lighting to its bio-polymer lighting range that supports circular economy principles. It’s bio-polymer range significantly reduces waste as they can be kept in use for longer, reused and recycled – factors that are becoming more and more important for retail brands looking to have a positive impact on the environment and benefit from the green pound.

In fact, all Shoplight’s bio-polymer retail lights are part of its Circu-Light initiative which offers scrappage, servicing, buy-back, plus the re-use and recycling of their returned products. Furthermore, the range is 3D printed in the UK which reduces carbon transportation by up to 25%. 

The Retail Trust Editions

Shoplight’s bio-polymer range which currently includes track mounted spotlights, recessed spotlights and downlights will be made available with Retail Trust colours and branding. 

Depending on the product this includes a subtle embossed Retail Trust emblem, a blue Retail Trust lozenge and the option to add a blue reflector ring if the retail brand chooses to make a more visual statement about their support of the Retail Trust.


Seen here with a blue Retail Trust lozenge, NORT comes with 86% reusable and recyclable components. NORT is a track mounted adjustable spotlight complete with increased efficiency COB LED module, reflector and integral electronic driver. 

Patent Pending VenTEC ® technology increases cooling across key lighting components. Heat is directed away from the LED and driver, allowing it to run at a lower temperature which also increases the life span and overall efficiency of NORT.


This NORT GS also comes with the blue Retail Trust lozenge. Winner of the Most Sustainable/Eco-Friendly Product at the 2024 VM & Display Awards, NORT GS offers 72% reusable and recyclable components. It is a track mounted adjustable spotlight that offers a sleek compact modular design, superior high-efficiency LED’s, switchable light outputs and on/off, Casambi and DALI variants. 

Colt Bio

Seen here with a white embossed Retail Trust emblem and optional blue reflector ring,  Colt Bio offers 71% reusable and recyclable components. It is a recessed fixed downlight available in outputs up to 27w and complete with increased efficiency COB LED module, reflector and remote electronic driver. 

3D printing allows for the outer bezel to be produced to any diameter up to 300mm, so it is a perfect solution to retrofit into existing ceiling holes.

Raider Bio

Seen here with a white embossed Retail Trust emblem, Raider Bio is the world’s first 3D-printed, bio-polymer recessed retail spotlight. 3D printed as a single part, it requires less time and effort to disassemble, recycle and repurpose. With a Precision Aiming System, Raider Bio offers 350 degrees of rotation and 60 degrees of articulation which can be adjusted in 5-degree increments. 

With its Precision Aiming System, up to 27w of power delivering over 4000 lumens, four different beam angle reflectors, 4 standard colours, and fixed, DALI, Phase Cut and Casambi driver options available, Raider Bio is the ultimate in sustainable recessed spotlighting.

As with Colt Bio, Raider Bio can cover any existing hole size up to 300mm diameter without secondary plates or rings.

This is an exciting partnership between Shoplight and the Retail Trust. Both parties believe this will be an impactful partnership, raising vital funds for The Retail Trust and the people they support whilst contributing to the sustainable future of retail.