Twenty3C is an independent top-quality bike retailer with bike love at its core. The brand focusses on fostering an engaging and service led experience, providing personable service where each bike is carefully crafted to suit every individual customer. The store range spans foldable, hybrid bikes for urban commuters to competition bikes and accessories.

Chris Winter / Wembley Park

In comparison to larger competitors who display as many bikes as possible and sell as much as they can, Twenty3C is all about quality over quantity. The design of the Wembley Park store enables the generous display of the carefully curated stock. The main showroom has bespoke movable bike displays, hero plinths and a busy community table with a refreshments bar and large format screen.


The materials selected for the shop-fit are raw and natural along with a muted colour palette to allow the vibrancy of the bikes and clothing to shine through. Graphic communications throughout the store follow a hand-written style to create a soft and friendly environment.

For every client that comes into the store, the same process is followed; getting to know what level they are at, what cycling they do at the moment and what cycling they want to do in the future. The process takes time but results in the perfect bike! The community table and graphic communications around the store support this drive for individual bicycle perfection.

Chris Winter / Wembley Park

Alongside top quality bikes and customer service, the store also has a workshop that offers a remarkable customisation and service facility. The unit is split over two levels which may have been unworkable for many retailers but Twenty3C played this to its advantage by turning the lower level into a dedicated workshop space. The design of the workshop is clean and clinical representing the expert knowledge and precision of the onsite technicians. The walls flanking the workshop are designed with speedy bike drop-off/collection points making it quick and easy to keep your bike up to scratch.

“At Twenty3C, we are more than just a bike shop, we are a community where people come together to share all things cycling, a trusted friend that that offers desirable bikes, expert servicing and friendly, personal advice.” Ceri Dipple, Founder, Twenty3C

The final touch of individual character in the Twenty3C retail experience is the ‘new bike podium’ that celebrates the collection of a new bike. An illuminated bike podium, nameboard and accessories pegs provide the finishing sprinkle of magic in the Twenty3C retail experience.

Chris Winter / Wembley Park

Twenty3C is focussed on becoming the heart of the Wembley Park cycling community by hosting regular community events, both day and night, around the community table and refreshments bar as well as group rides originating from the store. The design of the Twenty3C store is a platform enabling the team to engage with customers on a deeper level beyond selling a bike – buying a bike at Twenty3C is just the beginning of the customer journey.

Chris Winter / Wembley Park