Esko, a Danaher company that provides a collaborative content creation platform for packaging, labels and marketing collateral, has announced it is responding to retail trends by supplying brand teams with an online suite of tools that can be tailored to help increase productivity and drive down costs and wasted time.

Pre-pandemic, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies and retailers were making bold commitments to drive packaging sustainability including almost all the top 100 FMCG packaging companies (in terms of revenue), according to McKinsey.



“Sustainability is not a trend that’s gone away” says Matt Haws, Global Marketing Director at Esko | Brand Solutions. “It’s fantastic to see, despite the obvious challenges of 2020, that retailers and companies throughout the supply chain are still dedicated to driving sustainability targets.

“Only this week, big-name retailers have launched sustainability concept stores and pop-up holiday stores with a focus on sustainable consumer packaged goods (CPG). Other retailers have focused on reducing the amount of plastic packaging they use on seasonal items. It’s great that positive momentum towards sustainable packaging is being maintained.”

However, Haws cautions: “As retailers strive to find a balance between long term sustainability goals and the immediate impact of trend-led changes brought about by COVID-19, they need suppliers to react with agility. Brands using WebCenter, our cloud-based workflow management software and add-on MediaBeacon solution for efficient digital asset management, are equipped to navigate these changes with relative ease over teams that don’t have online collaboration tools in place.”

Esko solutions such as WebCenter and MediaBeacon allow teams to collaborate effectively on projects, such as taking CPG solutions from ideation to manufacture, from any location. This enables team members to meet deadlines for marketing and packaging projects even when not located together; particularly key in today’s home working norm.

“Earlier this year, we did not envisage a holiday period that would be so affected by world events. This level of disruption, where emerging trends clash with established megatrends, is not projected to change even in early 2021 and the supply chain needs to be prepared to stay reactive to evolving consumer demands,” concludes Haws. “With the right tools this is not only possible, teams can deliver to retailers on deadline even more effectively than before.”

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