Danish manufactured Troldtekt panels are commonly specified throughout the UK and Europe to improve the interior acoustic environment. Two recent Danish projects are the transformation of an old building into a car dealer’s offices for Karvil Biler, while the other is an extension of Randers Architects’ own headquarters into a mix of offices and exclusive residential units.

Both projects use Troldtekt® line with its perfectly symmetrical vertical lines to balance walls and ceilings with great aesthetics, conveying warmth and providing a modern look coupled with high-performance sound absorption.



For the Architects’ washrooms, Troldtekt® line was chosen to add visual vibrancy to the rooms. It also exhibits different appearances depending on the angle from which the wall surfaces are viewed. The edges have been milled where the panels meet the ceiling, around electrical sockets and switches and also at floor level where bamboo skirting has been integrated. All have been elegantly cut to ensure a neat finish and fine detailing.

In the car dealers, Troldtekt® line was selected in order to enhance and benefit the whole indoor climate. “We wanted to create a coherent look. The milled grooves have a visually calming effect and contrast well with the new raw concrete floor,” the project manager explained.

Troldtekt® line forms nine acoustic solutions that make up the “design solutions” range which combines the best ideals of form and function. Founded on the Cradle to Cradle design concept, 100% Troldtekt’s natural wood wool panels are manufactured in a new state-of-the-art production facility. With a variety of different surfaces and colours, they can be supplied in the FSC® 100% category (FSC®C115450) contributing to a building’s BREEAM, DGNB and LEED rating.

In addition to their high sound absorption and tactile surface, the panels offer high durability and low cost life cycle performance, as well as inherent sustainability. They are also a natural, breathable material which can absorb and release moisture, which is why they have been awarded an Allergy Friendly Product Award by Allergy UK.

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