Sci-fi games are the most wanted games for gamers as they give the best experience of virtual reality. These games have high-end storytelling scenarios while dealing with enemies from outer space or other realms.

Gamers often stick to a single sci-fi game and wait for its sequential updates. Because they are so much into the storyline, the curiosity keeps on the dwelling. There are thousands of sci-fi games in the gaming world, and new ones are taken into the market every day.


Choosing the best sci-fi game becomes exhausting when you have thousands of options. You do not need to ponder as we have done the drilling for you, and we will select some of the best and top-notch sci-fi games in the below text. They are as follows:

Half-Life 2

It is the second variant of Half-Life, a first-person shooting game. The storyline revolves around the invasion of aliens from outer space, and the galactic hero has to save the day by making its way through the deadly intruders.

The game has exceptionally realistic graphics and features tooth to nail competition. The game will test the skills of the players at different levels. The scope of difficulty will increase at every stage, making the sci-fi shooting game more thrilling for the players.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

If you are a fan of the humankind revolution and want to have a glimpse of the future, this game is for you. You will have a deep insight into the human revolution. Sign up at Novibet if you want to check out the best games available.

Your player will acquire more power to become a revolutionary human with every passing level. You will be progressing into the future of humankind, which is more robotic and less human. The game is an action-jammed roller coaster ride with a top-notch storyline and graphical features.

The Bioshock Collection

Not every sci-fi game will take you into outer space. This thrilling and action-packed game will take you into the depths of water to a drowned city of Colombia. Your battle will not be against the sharks of other marine creatures.

Instead, you will have to clear the mutated drug addicts from the drowned city. With the progression in the game, the mutated creatures will be harder to defeat. The game will test the fighting skills of the gamers under various circumstances.


Based on the creation of a space research center after the failed assassination attempt on John F Kennedy, it is an unexpectable and chilling first-player game. The research center examines the bodies of the dead aliens and which we know is not the best idea.

Alien warfare is started, and the difficulty for the players increases with the progression in the game. Your space research center will become an alien base camp, and you have to stop them from destroying your world. The game is an action-packed thriller with various sci-fi technologies.