Today, Vashi unveiled and opened a new home for bespoke fine jewellery in Covent Garden – the brand’s new flagship store and its seventh bricks-and-mortar location. With an immersive in-store experience, open workshop and full behind-the-scenes visibility of every stage of production, the new flagship welcomes customers into the heart of the jewellery making process like never before.

The brand is on a mission to make buying and creating jewellery a better, more friendly customer experience. Guests can use the space to meet with their partners, friends or family right in the middle of the action of the new store, with the casting laboratory and workshop in full view.


Transparency is one of the core pillars of the brand and the new store promises even more visibility into the design and making process, from the makers in the store’s front windows to the state-of-the-art workshop on the shop floor and the casting and laser labs. Each of these spaces showcases jewellery being brought to life in real time, sharing and celebrating craftsmanship that is usually hidden behind closed doors. Interaction is paramount to the brand’s vision and the store offers a number of ways for customers to be an integral part of the making journey, from design sketch to 3D-printed wax moulding, mounting, setting and polishing. Customers are invited to choose every element of a customised piece, design an item entirely bespoke or personalise something from Vashi’s ready-to-wear collections with real-time laser engraving. Those who are planning a wedding can also use the store’s 3D machine to scan their engagement ring so that Vashi can make a fitted wedding band that matches perfectly.

At 4,476 square feet, the new store takes its inspiration from an artist’s studio – an inherently creative working space that’s also beautiful, reflecting the character of the artist – and spans two floors. With geometric shapes and structure throughout, the space is softened by custom furniture. Pops of colour are strategically placed across the store, with a primarily monochromatic palette punctuated with Vashi’s new molten gold hue, matte bronze details and concrete flooring. Vashi’s new vision is further realised in the store’s visual merchandising, with custom displays positioned on the main floor showcasing the brand’s ready-to-personalise pieces floating in a glass case.

The bespoke bar and lounge area, open to everyone including those not making a purchase, is designed to feel like an extension of a customer’s own home. It’s the perfect place to relax with a drink and watch and learn about the making process. Private consultation rooms are also featured throughout the store for more intimate, one-on-one appointments.

“I have always believed that buying and creating jewellery should feel extraordinary. With our new Covent Garden store, we’re taking customers behind the scenes for an experience they’ll never forget.” – Vashi Dominguez, CEO & Founder of Vashi

Truly embodying the idea of the customer sitting at the heart of the brand, the new Love Stories installation is a key feature of the store. The digital display spans both floors, showing what Dominguez describes as a “mesmeric, ever-changing murmuration of love messages written by customers themselves.” Designed by the Vashi team and brought to life with using Samsung “The Wall” technology, the installation invites customers to write a message on a tablet and then watch as their handwritten words appear on the screen before their eyes. Each message is animated, moving and dancing with different colours and shapes to bring it to life and tell the story behind it. Everyone is welcome to share a message of love in this digital vault and become part of an infinite piece of art.

As the first living, breathing embodiment of Vashi’s new brand vision, designed in partnership with New York-based creative studio Mythology, the store showcases how several facets of the brand design and experience have been reimagined. Highlights include a sleek, modern new logo, a new colour palette in black and white with accents of vibrant molten gold, and new packaging which has been reinvigorated to reflect the unique nature of the brand, made from eco-friendly materials to reflects the brand’s sustainable values, and designed to be a covetable object in itself.

Collaboration is the beating heart of the brand and Vashi worked with several partners to completely reimagine every element of the experience. Perfumer Timothy Han: a bespoke scent inspired by Vashi’s workshops, bringing together a hint of steam, the leather of bench skins and the delicate, floral fragrance of a customer passing by. Central Saint Martins alumni Palmer Harding: bespoke creators’ uniforms in their signature clean silhouettes, taking inspiration from lab coats in a nod to Vashi’s knowledge and craftsmanship. Furniture designer Fred Rigby: the custom sofa downstairs – the perfect place to relax, have an intimate conversation and watch the making process. Heritage manufacturer Emir: workbenches where customers can take a seat beside Vashi’s makers.

The brand is celebrating the opening with a little extra sparkle. Customers who buy or create a piece of jewellery with Vashi at the Covent Garden flagship between 27th May and 2nd July will receive a complimentary small diamond to set on their piece. Additionally – during the same time period – Vashi is offering customers a chance to win a bespoke experience for two in Covent Garden, worth £10,000. To enter, customers are invited to share a message on the brand’s in-store Love Stories installation. Further details for both activations can be found here.