Following on from the successful House of Colour Play store concept launch in 2017, ETUDE wanted to revisit the sweet and playful aesthetic of the brands roots with a renewed retail identity. To appeal to today’s more digitally native customers Design4Retail (d4r) were asked to transform the retail store environment focusing on the experience and introducing digital content from the brands online world.

The aim was to achieve a best-in-class global store concept that presents shopping as a fun, engaging, and completely omnichannel experience. A playground of cosmetic retail that layer’s experiential and interactive elements to redefine the role of physical retail in the beauty sector. This included amplifying brand voice from digital platforms to communicate the ETUDE HOUSE story and ethos.

Design4Retail were engaged to provide creative and strategic services to ensure the heart of the concept shone through – playful pink, personalisation, digital content, and engaging display tools to help customers discover their perfect colour products! Personalisation is offered across a multitude of products, from an interactive skin scan and foundation mixing station where your product is delivered by robot, to play tables where palettes can be built with your own choice of colours and decorative elements, such as stickers and engraving.


In-store messaging focuses on the emotional pay-off and the ETUDE HOUSE values of Playful, Trendy, Lovely with eye-catching and emotive category naming and invitations to test and play.

Play, discovery, and choice is at the heart of the store activity. The concept creates a home for customers – a house of beauty and a place for dreaming. The reinvented store concept direction returns to the classic ETUDE-owned device of the colour pink. The new store concept reinvents this and moves away from the static use of a single tone and creates a dynamic environment with a multitude of textures and shades of pink that reflect and amplify the brands core colour, differentiating from competitors in the landscape.

Filled with texture, innovative VM, and personalisation opportunities the retail identity is a playground for makeup. Strong thematic zones of product allow for total immersion in each category or product family – a hyper stylised space where narrative and brand storytelling uplift product selling. Products shine in their own display areas and each turn gives new vistas and hidden treasures to explore. 

You will find the new store concept applied in the flagship store in Sinchon-dong, Seoul, South Korea with future stores to follow.