Monopoly has been a popular game in households since the early 1900s, when it was called The Landlord’s Game. Not only do people enjoy playing, but there are a number of life lessons that you can learn. From learning how to negotiate deals and predict which properties will be profitable to saving money and strategically buying hotels and houses, Monopoly has a lot to offer.

In addition, this classic board game hits even the gambling industry, where it is one of the online slingo casino games that are available online. Continue reading to learn seven vital life lessons you can learn by playing Monopoly.


1. It Can Help You Develop Patience

There is no quick way to play a game of Monopoly. In fact, each game can take as many as three or four hours. If you try to find a quick way to win, such as buying as much property as you can right away, you will often lose. You need to develop patience so that you can play strategically. This will help you develop an important skill that will help you out in your life.

2. It Will Help You Understand the Importance of Saving Money

Saving money is a learned skill that will serve you well in life. When you start playing Monopoly, it can be easy to buy every property you land on until you run out of money. Then, you might find yourself trying to get by without going bankrupt. The real world is very similar. If you receive a paycheck and go on a spending spree, you might not have what you need to pay your bills. It is always a good idea to play and save what you can so that you can pay your bills and have money for a rainy day.

3. You Will Learn What Passive Income Is

Passive income is income that you earn from an investment. You don’t have to go to work or do anything once you have started the passive income stream. In Monopoly, you buy properties and build houses and hotels on them, but then you collect rent whenever anyone lands on them. This helps to show you how you can make investments in your life that can earn you a passive income. For example, you might invest in stock, and then you can watch it collect interest and dividends over time.

4. You Learn How to Win and Lose with Grace

It is important to be able to win and lose gracefully. When you play Monopoly, you will invest hours of your time, and you will not always win. Whether you win or lose, you will be trying to win, and you have to learn how to be a good sport. In life, it is important to take experiences and learn from them so that you can improve. You can develop this skill when you play Monopoly.

5. You Can Learn How to Negotiate

You will learn how to negotiate when you play Monopoly. You need to be able to trade properties with other players or you won’t be able to get the properties you need so that you can build hotels or houses. It is important to determine whether it is better to go with high value properties or lower value ones, and you need to negotiate so that you get the best properties for yourself. This is a great skill to develop so that you can negotiate later in life. When you get a job, you might negotiate a raise or time off.

6. You Learn That There Are Consequences for Your Actions

When you play Monopoly, you learn that you have consequences for your actions. If you make the wrong move, you will have consequences for it. For example, if you pass up on a property, you may find that you don’t have the opportunity to buy it later. You can lose a lot of money if you make the wrong decisions.

7. You Learn to Consider Costs

It can be easy to go to a store and buy whatever you want without realising how much you are spending. At the end of the month, it can all add up to a surprising amount of money. When you play monopoly, you will be able to develop the skill of considering the cost before you make a purchase.