Essex-based Pioppo (previously known as ExpoCrew) today unveiled the new brand and strategy for the market-leading company.

Pioppo ‘poplar’ (Italian)
Noun:A tall, fast-growing tree, widely grown for timber and pulp

As the name Pioppo suggests, the new brand is focussed on natural growth and a clear movement towards a sustainable future.  As a leading company in the manufacture of bespoke structures for the retail, pop-up and event industry, Pioppo has a responsibility to ensure they adhere to customers’ sustainability policies whilst upholding their own.  In the last 12 months to 2 years, retail has seen a real shift towards the ever-increasing concern of business’ carbon footprint and Pioppo truly believe that it is the accumulative approach that will make for the biggest change.

Managing Director, Carlo Giordani, commented “The re-brand has been strategically planned as we wanted to focus on both the responsibility to support our existing clients as well as the opportunities to serve the new clients in, for example, the pop-up sector.  Client feedback, as well as our own environmental awareness, led us to make the business as sustainable as possible, in terms of raw materials and commercial waste.  Our design ethos is precision and Italian style and this, combined with sustainability is a market-leading concept that none of our competitors can currently offer”.

We have shared our top challenges, triumphs and experiences as we continue on our companies’ vision of going green!  We are committed to our clients, as well as our planet and here are some of the benefits of our new focus:

Cost of sustainable materials
Sustainable materials are still a relatively new area of development, and so, the availability of such products is limited.  However, we have a trusted supply chain that gives choice and quality to our clients.  Sustainable materials can sometimes push up the price tag compared to the non-sustainable competitors on the market.  When budgets are tight, companies are often forced into choosing the non-sustainable solution.  We are committed to giving our clients full transparency of their material choices and the impact on the environment.

Accessibility of sustainable materials
The reality is, it is currently far easier to access cheaper non-recyclable material.   

We truly believe that everyone on the planet would opt for a more sustainable option if the materials were readily available! 

There are some leading manufacturers in recyclable materials in the Scandinavian countries, however, we must consider the logistical impact that this is having on our environment too.  It is key to discuss shipping methods to see if they are shipped by air or sea.  Be sure that they are using the most sustainable method for transportation. 

In an ideal world, we would all be purchasing locally sourced sustainable material- and we hope that is the reality of the future.

Ensure the material is certified and non-toxic
All furniture should be FSC certified or recycled.   We also consider the emission of toxic gases that certain products produce in to the environment.

As we lead the way for innovation and design in our field, we encourage our Clients to consider their long-term approach for their products.  By opting for durable materials, it will increase the life-span of the products and positively reduce the waste and environmental impact on the planet!

Overproduced materials
One thing that makes a product unfit for recycling is when materials are mixed together, making it almost impossible to extract one from another.  To avoid anything ending up in landfill, we can produce modular designs from raw materials.  Each component is made from a single material so it can be recycled.

Supplier Disclosure
It’s important to tackle environmental issues throughout the supply chain.  We should all engage with suppliers to establish their policies and procedures.

Acting responsibly
It is important to ensure members of our team understand their responsibility.  This involves being mindful during the design and build of the products we create.  Our team must ensure that materials are fully utilised to minimise waste.  We really are in it together and so we must all understand the role we play!  It’s important that we are individually accountable by continuously assessing our processes and procedures.

Recycling and Charity
A responsible approach to recycling is part of our philosophy.  We heat our premises with a wood burner that is fuelled by burning our off cuts, and we communicate with our Suppliers to understand the best recycling option for all other materials.  Our Suppliers are very conscientious too and many offer recycling options of their own.

We also have an ongoing relationship with various local charities, allowing us to donate unwanted furniture to them.  While the local college put to use our unwanted paint.  This year we collaborated with The Wilderness Foundation to build an outdoor compost toilet structure made from 100% recycled material from an event structure!