Lynk & Co has opened the first of their physical retail locations, which the company has dubbed Clubs, in Amsterdam. If you’re picturing a car showroom, think again. Sure, you can check out the 01 car, and even take it for a test drive. But more than that, the Clubs are a place to experience the Lynk & Co community, a hub to host events, a space to showcase local partners, and an opportunity to connect with members on a personal level.

The Club was designed to be flexible, modular, and able to work for diverse needs: whether it’s an exclusive DJ set, provocative art exposition, cooking classes, or adult puppeteering. A space for whatever you are into.



The experience starts before you even enter the Club, with the beautiful historic building and a digital façade featuring Lynk & Co’s digital assistant. Inside, there’s a creative community area, a coffee bar featuring a Lynk & Co signature mocktail, amphitheater-style seating for events, a chain-link cage to hold the 01, and a trove of thoughtful finishing touches to discover.

Lynk & Co

The Club works as a living room, community gathering place, and even a co-working space with soon-to-be-bookable meeting rooms. All the unique furnishings in the Club are available for sale to customers—in fact, everything you can see in the Club is for sale.

From the products sold to the furnishings selected, everything in the Club was chosen to be eco-friendly and ethically sourced. Much of the historic building was preserved, and the renovations were done using only natural building materials and a small amount of recycled plastic. Even the display podiums are handcrafted from recycled newspaper and car scraps.

Lynk & Co

Along with the Club opening, Lynk & Co announced their partnership with Swedish micromobility company, Vässla. Lynk & Co will be the first reseller of the Vässla bike in the Netherlands, and the two companies will host events related to urban mobility and sustainability. Vässla’s products will be available online and in the Amsterdam Club. The partnership between Vässla and Lynk & Co reflects a common core value: making mobility more accessible and sustainable for all.

The Lynk & Co Club is all about collaboration. Lynk & Co has curated a selection of small businesses, eco-friendly brands, and talented artists from the Netherlands and across Europe to feature in the store. The brands are diverse, but a few things unite them: unique visions, quality products, and a proven dedication to sustainability.

Lynk & Co will offer products and host events in collaboration with these partners, while focusing on uplifting ethical brands, promoting their products in a premium retail environment, and providing them with fair agreements. With a rolling lineup of local partners, there will always be new products and events for members to explore.

Lynk & Co

Choosing Amsterdam, the anti-car capital of the world, for their first Club was no coincidence. While Amsterdammers generally have no interest in owning their own car, many still need a hassle-free, easy solution for those too-long-to-bike journeys. The Amsterdam club is just the first of many, and each will have a unique design and feeling. Lynk & Co’s next stop? Gothen- burg, Sweden. As Lynk & Co’ home, the city is second in line for a Club of their own. The Gothenburg Club will open by the end of the year.