The Gothenburg Club is Lynk & Co’s second location in Europe, following their Amsterdam Club, which opened its doors in October 2020. Lynk & Co Clubs push beyond traditional automotive retail by offering a community-focused hub for members and non-members alike.

The Club was designed to align with Lynk & Co’s core sustainability values as well as the Swedish environmental code, which promotes sustainable development to benefit future generations.



 Lynk & Co Gothenburg

Yes, there’s a car tucked away in there — but that’s not the point. The Clubs are a full sensory experience, with attention paid to even the smallest details. Most of the space is dedicated to café-style lounge areas, a sustainably sourced coffee and snack bar, curated treasures from Lynk & Co partners, and a digital façade to underscore the company’s 24/7 availability.

Guests are invited to take a test drive of the Lynk & Co 01, and, soon as it’s safe for people to gather, the Club will host events like DJ nights, film screenings, art shows, and maybe even an adult puppet show or two.

The Amsterdam and the Gothenburg Clubs may share Lynk & Co’s DNA: eco-friendly materials, flexible spaces, and a sense of humour. But don’t think that once you’ve
seen one Club, you’ve seen them all. The Gothenburg Club was designed to contrast Scandinavian simplicity with the raw, industrial character of Gothenburg. Highlights of the space include a hidden speakeasy and a furry pink fitting room. There is also a sauna. Because, well, it’s Scandinavia.

Want something to remember your visit by? How about the mug you sipped your cappuccino from? Or the lamp over your head? Or the sofa? Or, well, just about anything. Like at its sister Club in Amsterdam, everything in the Gothenburg Club—from the cups to the counters—is thoughtfully sourced and available to buy.

 Lynk & Co Gothenburg

If you’re not in the market for furniture, don’t worry, there’s something for you too. Lynk & Co also has a rotating collection of items from local creators, independent designers, and sustainable brands available in the Club. The company chose partners based on their sustainability and social responsibility, with a focus on supporting small businesses and creatives.