Doncaster-based Chantal’s Perfect Day Florist is a business that is going from strength to strength, thanks in part to a flexible funding solution designed specifically to support a small business’ individual timescales and cash flow.

Owner Chantal Kirk previously ran a florist in a nearby village before a change in personal circumstances obliged her to open up a new shop in a different area. A significant investment was needed to get the business off the ground: “I didn’t even have a pair of scissors at the time,” says Chantal.


Reluctant to approach her parents for a loan, she looked to sell her holiday home in France, but the sale was delayed. Recognising that the banks wouldn’t lend without any statements or projections of earnings, she was somewhat short of options until a letter arrived in the post advertising Liberis’ funding solution, the Business Cash Advance. The initial funding helped to finance the decorating of the shop and ensured that she could rotate her stock.

“My main USPs are my vibrant and vivid arrangements and my price point,” she says. “Most florists opt for quite conventional pastel colours, but I love the brighter flowers. I always pass on any discounts I receive from wholesalers to customers, so I keep my bouquets at £25 to £30 which I think is in an affordable range for most.”

The funding also meant Chantal was able to buy stock in preparation for the wedding season, including blossom trees and a framework arch that she hires out for special events.

“At first I had a cold room at the back of the shop as I had to keep stock out of the sun,” she adds. “After another round of funding, I installed some blinds to keep the shop window cooler and the flowers from wilting – and now people passing by can see what we have in the shop.

“The beauty of the Liberis solution is that you pay for the funding as you go, based on your takings. If it was to be debited in one chunk at the end of the month it would have a much bigger impact on my cash flow.”

Liberis’ Business Cash Advance provides funding from £2.5K up to £300K, and payments are linked directly to a company’s card takings and cash flow. Applying for the different rounds of funding is straightforward and the money arrives very quickly.

Chantal has contracts with local schools, hospitals and a number of hotels and her ambition is to work with more local businesses. The opening of a cake and wedding shop next door should help to drive more footfall and fund expansion.

“The shop is on a busy road, but many people do not know we are here yet. If our growth continues I will look to invest in a website to drive more custom and employ additional staff to help fulfil the orders.”