There is a reason why videos are in demand. They make it easy for us to understand new information and are an audio-visual treat with its make elements of design and color. 

YouTube has proved that betting on great quality videos will assure you engagement. A good video marketing strategy will help you engage with your audience and help make your brand known across digital and social media platforms. Investing a little time and money will bring you good returns. 


If you want to be a successful digital marketer, it is imperative that you understand the power of video as a tool for your social media and marketing strategy. Video marketing statistics say that approximately 83% of marketers believe it is one of the most significant marketing strategies. Statistics show that 87% of businesses who use video as a marketing tool are in profit. 

This article discusses how you can create a powerful and impactful video marketing strategy for your business.

  1. Make your efforts count with great stories 

Long before, when social media was not the giant it is today, advertising had to struggle to reach audiences through channels like print advertising, television ads, radio, and others. But since social media reached its peak, brands and businesses can now reach their target audience directly. And now there is fierce competition with good quality content that’s amusing and entertaining, convincing consumers to buy products and services. In short, if you focus only on driving sales, your brand may not find traction in this cut-throat competition. To make sure your video marketing strategy wins, you will have to offer your consumers something they believe in and entertain them rather than force them to buy your product. 

  1. Get your audience hooked in the first few seconds 

Ideation is the key when you plan your video strategy. You will have to understand what triggers your audience and influences them to hit the “Buy” button. With dwindling attention spans, it is important to make an impact right at the beginning. This means you will have to buckle up and bring on your best game at the start of the video itself. 

  1. Show your magic to the ones who want to see 

Choose your audience wisely. As said before, when social media was not used for advertising and marketing, people were liberal with their time. But now, thanks to social media and its targeting feature, you can pick your audience for every post that you add to your brand’s social media page and elevate the game of your video marketing statistics. 

Using the targeting feature on your preferred social media channel will help you get the true value of your efforts by reaching the relevant audience who wishes to see advertisements and posts by you.

The advanced feature on social media channels now allows you to dissect your audience based on; 

  • Gender 
  • Age 
  • Location 
  • Language 

So if you think that you are a brand or a business that serves an audience who comes under the age of 20 to 25, nobody outside the range of your given age target will be able to see your posts. You also have the liberty to choose the interest of your particular audience, which helps you create an even better and assured filter that will drive your viewers to see your post, and maybe turn them into potential buyers. 

  1. Make the noise of success with and without any sound 

Creating a video with sound effects? Great. Creating a video that conveys your story without any sound? Even better. 

Social media platforms can now autoplay videos without sound. Your targeted audience will only be able to hear the sound of the video if they choose to. There is not much data yet on how this has affected the viewing habits of social media users. However, it is reported that approximately 85% of viewers have been watching their videos without any sound. 

This gives you a reason to make sure that your videos are attractive, appealing, and convey the story even without sound effects. A good video marketer should always create an impact without making any noise and yet appeal to their audience. 

Here are some best ways you can make your strategy for video marketing win over and optimize for silent playbacks;

  • Make use of beautiful and quality visuals 
  • Add descriptions 
  • Make use of subtitles 
  1. Attractive CTA’s; a must-add ingredient to a perfect video recipe  

Yes, you can definitely add CTA’s to your videos and make sure to optimize your content to drive sales subtly without any force. 

Call to action includes requesting viewers to subscribe to the channel, like/follow your page, share among friends, check out the other content, comment on videos, and much more. 

These CTA’s can go in the middle, start, or at the end of your video. 

In conclusion

Above all, time is money, and money is time. A marketing strategy takes a lot of patience and time to come up with amazing stories to get your audience hooked. But you should try and make the most important task an easy one. Online video creation and editing tools offer you seamless and effortless video editing that helps you save your time creating professional-looking, great-quality videos. It comes with many features that will make sure you stay on top of your competition always.