Zebra, a leading commercial interior design and architecture studio with offices worldwide, is proud to announce the launch of Design that Connects – a reflective and meticulously crafted book that explores the evolution of consumer and space interaction through Zebra’s mission to connect and create spaces, delivering desired experiences across retail, hospitality and beyond.

This limited-edition printed work is testament to Zebra’s 25 years of design expertise, with highlights from its experience in over 100 countries. It is also a tribute to the incredible individuals and brands that have been a part of this remarkable journey, shaping retail and hospitality industries along the way.


Produced by strategic brand agency Hudson Willow to align with Zebra’s brand and ethos, the book’s sensorial storytelling thoughtfully captures global cultural shifts and catalysts that have shaped the world – and Zebra’s responses to it. Within its pages, readers will immerse themselves in spaces past and present, discovering the essence of Zebra over the years: its unwavering commitment to strong partnership, expert knowledge, creativity, intuition and global reach.

Says Mark Mason, CEO at Zebra “Over the last two and a half decades, we have collectively experienced so much change that has influenced every facet of life, altering how we act and transact within the larger societal tapestry. We have borne witness to and participated in this change, through our constant role of designing – mindfully, creatively, commercially, practically and always meaningfully.”

Inviting insights and perspectives, Design that Connects reminds us that the world is ever-changing, that space and all the design decisions that create it are a direct reflection of its time, brand, culture, consumer and location – whereas Zebra’s role is constant – to transform spaces into extraordinary experiences that connect, to realise the commercial and creative ambitions of some of the world’s leading brands.

A considered celebration of Zebra’s work over the last quarter of a century, Design that Connects also signals Zebra’s readiness to innovate, alter and move – using design to unlock brand success globally.

Mark Mason, continues, “We readily anticipate the next 25 years filled with innovation, collaboration, and success as we continue to evolve into the future, together.”

The official launch of Design that Connects took place at Pizza Express on Dean Street on Monday 5 February 2024. This flagship venue in London’s Soho, which features in the book, exemplifies Zebra’s design expertise and understanding of what it means to be a client building a brand.