For their third store in Korea and the first one on the subtropical island of Jeju, the Zurich truck-tarp bag makers have moved into the harbour district of Tapdong. Together with like-minded people such as the Arario Museum, D&Department, MMMG and Co., it has taken over a number of abandoned buildings in the area. The challenge for FREITAG was to redesign a former burger joint space. The building was ripped down to the foundations and, together with Schemata Architects and Yigak Constructions, rethought and rebuilt as a collaborative multi-story building. It seamlessly blurs the boundaries between inside and outside and between commercial and non-commercial space.


The FREITAG Store is located on the second floor and offers the entire FREITAG range with 1100 unique bags and 1700 one-off accessories on 120 sq.m.

Ever since FREITAG first cut a bicycle messenger bag from a used truck tarpaulin in 1993, bikes have been part of the company’s DNA. That’s why they’re particularly happy that the latest store is located directly above the Portable bike shop. Not only, that, of course, but the fact that the bikeways in Jeju are in a prime location directly on the coast around the entire island.