Shopping is an experience. You can have all the sparkling jewels, intricate designs, and sophisticated styles in-store, but if people don’t want to come, they will stick to online shopping from the couch.
Taking this into consideration, NELSON Worldwide designed London Jewelers’ newest jewellery boutique in Short Hills, New Jersey to be a retail destination, allowing visitors to peruse endless jewellery displays, try things on, and have fun with it – because the selection process should be just as exciting as the final purchase.
The new location presents a diverse range of jewellery and watches, featuring their own collections alongside renowned high-end brands. Beyond the stunning product range, London Jewelers distinguishes itself with an array of special services and amenities. Excellent customer service is prioritized within the store and guests are encouraged to meander through the space at their own pace, allowing for seamless exploration of the jewellery offerings. Informal interactions are encouraged, whether it is relaxing in the central lounge, or enjoying a beverage at the fully stocked bar. The store experience creates a sense of comfort and intimacy, fostering more relaxed and engaging interactions between customers and staff.
The interior design of London Jewelers Short Hills artfully combines textures to evoke a sense of discovery and sophistication. Custom organic chandeliers, reminiscent of clouds, add a touch of ethereal beauty. The space is unified through common finishes like brass metal and stone, connecting various areas and vendors, providing a cohesive and visually harmonious environment.