We can analyse the gambling and retail industries separately because they are completely different and huge in their own unique ways. But one thing ties them together, and that is the eagerness for extra expansion.

Most businesses tend to expand on their own, but sometimes it is good to join forces with another company so as to make the process somewhat simpler (and mutually beneficial). In this blog post, we are going to cover the concept of cross-promotions between retail brands and casinos.


The Concept of Cross-Promotions

The whole idea of a marketing cross-promotion is to make use of the strengths as well as customer bases of two – or even more – distinct brands for the sake of creating mutually beneficial marketing campaigns. In a nutshell, this means at least a couple of companies will partner so as to promote each other’s products or services to their respective audiences.

The idea is fairly straightforward as cross-promotion helps expand reach whilst driving new customer acquisition. In the context of casinos and retail brands, cross-promotions more often than not include exclusive discounts for casino goers at partnered retail stores, or vice versa. Bear in mind that it isn’t just the case with brick and mortar venues but also with the best online casino websites with their own unique audience groups as well as digital promo channels. Generally speaking, casinos and retail brands strategically align their offerings so as to:

  • Tap into new markets
  • Amplify their promotional efforts
  • Surprise clients with something fresh
  • Maximize their overall marketing ROI

Successful Cross-Promotion Strategies

Many options are possible here, but the purpose of each is to create value-driven as well as engaging experiences that appeal to both groups of audiences. For instance, a given casino can join forces with a high-end retail brand to provide clients with a one-time VIP shopping experience.

Another example has to do with corporate social responsibility events. For instance, some casinos may decide to support Retail Trust in order to contribute to the greater cause: The idea is to do something valuable while strengthening the reputation of their own brands.

We also like the idea of organizing joint events or even contests – these kinds of happenings often come with combined prizes for the luckiest of participants. Think about rewards such as a luxury shopping spree on one hand, or a weekend stay at the casino resort on the other.

MSM – Saks cooperation

The collaboration between MGM Resorts and luxury fashion retailer Saks Fifth Avenue is one example of a good cross-promotion. In this case, MGM loyalty members receive exclusive discounts at Saks locations: On the other hand, Saks customers can enjoy special entertainment packages at MGM properties.