In recent times, online shopping has been booming. In fact, according to a report from the Mastercard Economics Institute, consumers across the globe spent $900 billion more at online retailers in 2020 versus the prior two-year trend.

Online shopping certainly has its benefits. Not only is it convenient and allows shoppers to browse for a variety of products with ease, but you can also have items delivered directly to your door without needing to leave the house. We all have access to the sophisticated smartphone devices of today also, smartphones which give us immediate entry into our favourite Netflix shows, a variety of games on Pay-by-Phone gaming sites like MansionCasino, and even the ability to find love online. All this accompanies the variety of apps and websites shoppers browse for bargains or for a special treat. Online access is certainly easy to obtain in the modern world, allowing a new type of shopper to emerge in the process. Shopping online isn’t always best, though. 


For many, online shopping isn’t a worthwhile experience. Sadly, though, with the high street suffering in recent times, offline shopping needs to experience a dramatic resurgence. With millions of people around the world still conducting most, if not all, of their shopping offline, what is the appeal of it? Here is a look at some key reasons as to why offline shopping is, on occasions, the better option. 


Isn’t a bit of retail therapy required at times? Shopping online doesn’t really provide the same sort of happiness that a trip to the local shopping centre does. E-commerce is certainly sucking the life out of that experience, with some shoppers completing their online shop within a matter of minutes and essentially losing the worthwhile experience of shopping around, exploring new stores, and experiencing the benefits of a retail therapy mission.

No need to wait 

Online shopping doesn’t always result in the ideal purchase. In terms of clothing, for example, you don’t know if the new jeans will fit perfectly or those trainers you’ve purchased will be comfortable. Therefore, offline shopping is more appealing when it comes to trying items of clothing on and experiencing the pleasure of walking home with shopping bags after a successful day of treating yourself. You don’t have to wait for any delivery dates or chase customer service up on a late arrival either. 

Personalised recommendation from knowledgable sales staff 

Another big appeal of shopping out and about instead on indoors and online is largely because of the assistance retail staff can provide when searching for a particular product. Retail staff generally know what you’re after, they can give you a second opinion on a product should you require one, and they understand your preferences and can offer invaluable assistance. Sometimes a human is just more helpful than a limited description on eBay. 

Quality guaranteed 

The online world is littered with unscrupulous sellers serving up fake or counterfeit products. You might think you’re getting the real deal or a bargain compared to everywhere else when in actual fact, you’re being scammed with a shoddy product or a complete knock-off. High street stores and shopping centres will offer you the authentic products you need without any worry about being ripped off.  

Returns are hassle-free 

Trying to get a refund online can be a hassle at times, whereas local stores will sort it out for you after a quick visit. It’s certainly easier than waiting for approval online, arranging a date for collection, waiting for the funds to reach your account, and so on.