Keeping your employees motivated, engaged and enthusiastic is high on every business owner’s list. But is coffee really so wonderful that it can keep your workplace morale healthy, as well as your energy levels in check?

Read on, to find out why every office needs a plentiful supply of good coffee…


1. It boosts workplace relationships

Having a coffee with colleagues is a great way of advancing those work relationships, without the fuss and commotion of a teambuilding event. When regular coffee breaks within the office become the norm, it encourages conversations and make colleagues feel more relaxed around each other – which of course has a direct impact on how well they work together, too.  

2. It promotes brand positivity 

How many companies actively promote coffee breaks, AND provide their employees with an attractive printed mug? Offering all your staff members a branded mug with your logo not only shows them you care about their wellbeing, it also fosters a positive association with your brand, as they enjoy their caffeine boost from their printed mug! What’s more, it’s far better for the environment than a mountain of disposable cups.

3. Coffee is good for your health

We all know coffee is a helper when it comes to perking us up first thing, but did you know coffee actually offers numerous health benefits, too? As well as being a potent source of antioxidants, it might also help to regulate your blood sugar and could even offer protection for your liver. So, there’s no need to feel any guilt when you indulge in a coffee break, either. Provided you don’t douse your coffee in cream and sugar, that is…

4. It creates a warm welcome

What’s more comforting on a cold, dreary day, than a mug of hot coffee? Plus, when your employees remember this is what awaits them after they’ve navigated their way through traffic or tussled with early-morning public transport, they are certain to feel that bit more positive about the day ahead – especially in those dark, winter months. Speaking of feeling positive, did you know that coffee also boosts your dopamine levels, which contribute to your overall mood? As well as delivering that welcome pick-me-up, coffee can also literally keep your employees happy! 

5. It’s a stress-reliever

While coffee itself can boost your mood and energy levels, having a good quality beverage on offer within your workplace makes it easier to take breaks. This might sound counter-intuitive – surely you want your staff to do some work at some point? – but in actual fact, the more breaks we take, the more productive we become. Working several hours without a rest contributes to increased stress levels, which in turns leads to burn-out. Having the option of a quick ten-minute stress-busting coffee without having to set foot out of the building is a great way of encouraging employees to take the breaks that they need.   

6. Coffee boosts your brain power

While it goes without saying that coffee is heroic when it comes to providing an energy boost, did you know it also possesses the power to improve your brain function? Now, while it won’t actually make you cleverer, coffee does have an impressive effect on your brain; it inhibits adenosine, which means you become more alert and able to focus for longer. Added to the adrenaline boost generated by the caffeine, and you might find yourself thinking more clearly and able to solve problems more readily. 

We all know the importance of a positive workplace environment, and who doesn’t enjoy a cup of deliciously hot coffee, too? Since it turns out the two go hand-in-hand rather well, why not bring a little cheer all-round by making coffee a part of your office routine? Whether it’s for your employees’ well-being, to bring some additional brand positivity, a healthy motivation boost – or simply to give your office that relaxed, welcoming vibe, coffee certainly makes a good choice for any office!