If you have your own brick-and-mortar retail space, now is the time to invest in making it as welcoming and eye-catching as possible. Footfall across the retail sector is picking up rapidly and is soon on track to surpass pre-2020 levels.

If you want to make the most of retail’s big comeback, you’ll want to freshen up your space. Take care to ensure that your physical store evokes your brand’s values and encourages people to spend time there. Luckily, you don’t need to break the bank to do this. Follow these DIY hacks to completely revitalize your retail space.


Avoid clutter

Most of the time, a cluttered and crowded retail space will fail to attract customers. People tend to feel overwhelmed and hemmed in when a store is too cluttered, so now is the time to clear out your space. Think long and hard about the items and furnishings you actually need in your space. Remember, there’s a reason why successful luxury brands often have very sparse retail floors. A clear shopping space puts the customer at ease, while also evoking a sense of minimalist luxury.

Create an accent wall

This is an especially useful tip for those who have smaller retail spaces. Adding an accent wall will instantly make even the cosiest store feel much larger, enhancing the vibe and aesthetic at the same time. In addition, an accent wall is a great chance to get creative and make a statement about what you want your store to be. You can opt for a breezy pastel colour. You could go for a quirky mural. You could opt for something raw, like exposed concrete. The choice is yours.

Make old fixtures new

If you have old shelves, tables, chairs, and desks in your store, don’t throw them out. You can save a lot of money and improve your space by simply sprucing up these items and giving them a new lease on life. You don’t need to be a carpentry expert to restore old furnishings. For example, you can remove old glue from your shelves and chairs in just a few seconds, making them look and feel as good as new. Take a few hours to give your furnishings a glow-up, and you’ll quickly notice the difference.

Get creative with shelving

In 2022, we’re not doing boring old shelf displays anymore. If you want to make your retail store feel truly special, unique, and identifiable, then you will want to get a little bit more creative with your shelving. This starts with the shelf displays themselves.

Do you really need uniform rows of products stacked alongside each other like a supermarket display? Perhaps you can opt for quirky statement displays with eclectic product sequences. You also don’t have to just stick to shelves. You can display products in countless eye-catching ways. You can place them on furniture, on the floor, hanging from the ceiling – this list goes on.

Lighting makes a difference

Finally, do not forget to use your lighting strategically. First off, you will want a brightly lit store, albeit one that does not feel too clinical or overbearing. You can also make a huge difference by selectively lighting certain displays and adding backlights to your shelving.

This way, you can also highlight your displays and draw attention to particular items, encouraging purchases of your most high-value products. The art of retail lighting is a tricky craft to master, but it always pays off when you get it right.

With these DIY retail store hacks, you can transform even the most tired-looking establishment into a stunning space that shoppers will want to spend time in.