Promotion of any product or service in the modern world is not an easy topic. A high level of competition never allows market participants to relax and stand in one place. Retail is a particularly difficult mechanism to promote, because it is a large–scale business. However, it is quite realistic to promote it. We have collected several tools in order to promote the retail business easily and clearly.

Communication with the media and analysis of media activities


It is impossible to effectively promote the retail industry and any other business without knowing in detail what is being written in the media and social networks about your company, other market players and the field of activity in general. The process of monitoring publications is fundamental in the work of every PR person, and the right tools will simplify monitoring tasks and help not to miss important mentions involving the brand. Assistants such as Brand24, Google Alerts and others will be able to help you manage your brand reputation and track key points.

Packaging and design

The appearance of the product is always half the success. Agree, good quality in a bad wrapper is unlikely to be able to sell. The brand works the same way. If it is properly packaged and looks beautiful, most likely you will catch the eye of the buyer. To do this, you should not skimp on competent designers. Rather, it is worth completely delegating your project to professionals. They have knowledge and resources that provide ample opportunities from using programs with, for example, ipad mockup to 3D visualizations.

As you understand, when we say appearance, it concerns not only the packaging of goods, it concerns primarily your brand, what you are ready to offer people.

Content Management

A lot of attention and effort should be devoted to quality and competent work with content. Modern PR tools allow specialists to find and establish contacts with professionals, establish new business relationships and expand their own media base and professional community. In addition, they significantly save time and human resources.


One of the main tasks of a PR person is to always be aware of new trends and trends, and promptly compare customer requests with the company’s activities. To do this, they use content that can ensure user engagement. It is much easier to do this with the help of special tools to identify current trends. For example, Exploding Topics, which monitors websites for new trends, and has distributed them into several categories, offers it users in the form of convenient newsletters. Or Quick Search TalkWalker, which generates content ideas based on topics popular with the audience of a particular brand.

Partnership and cooperation

To downplay the importance of partners is stupid and ineffective. Partnership, collaboration, collaboration is not just a benefit for you. This is a comprehensive exchange of audience, sales, effective communication and a double flow of creativity and creativity. Doubling your resources and making friends with competing brands or friends in the market is fashionable and effective. Try it!


Of course, it is simply impossible not to mention the advertising tools. Advertising tools give businesses the widest opportunities, but only on one condition – well-chosen advertising communication channels. It is necessary to incorrectly select the target audience, and you drain the budget for nothing. Or choose an unscrupulous contractor, or create an incorrect semantic message. There are many fears, but the meaning is the same – advertising is really useful if it is used correctly!

We hope that the basic tools that we have shared in this article will definitely be implemented in your business and it will bring you success, popularity and happiness! Your business is a big part of life, so let it bring only positive emotions!