Each year every Timothy Oulton gallery worldwide undergoes a refresh in order to present its latest collection, continuing to offer the exciting and engaging experience for which the brand is globally known. This year, the Timothy Oulton flagship, situated at the historic Bluebird building on London’s King’s Road, has undergone one of the brand’s most extensive refits to date.  


The vast 7,200 sq ft space has been designed around a spectrum of different energies, which represent today’s modern lifestyles, rooted in the idea that life unfolds as a series of rituals from quiet moments alone to energetic celebrations with friends and family. Moving through the gallery, visitors are immersed in these different energy levels, from a serene and peaceful sanctuary through to relaxed everyday living, then changing gear to a more invigorating backdrop and, finally, an energising space designed to thrill. 

The scale of the refit is a statement of intent from the brand, which sees consistently strong sales, and a continued focus on meeting the demands of its customers’ varying lifestyles. The new ranges extend best-selling collections, offering greater choice in core areas, bought together with Timothy Oulton’s signature ‘wow’ factor. The gallery features a giant fish tank housing a yellow submarine, a 1.7 tonne rock crystal dating back millions of years and a to-scale replica of the Apollo spacecraft, designed and realised by Timothy Oulton Studio – the brand’s sister company.