If you work in retail marketing, you are probably already familiar with the concept of virtual retail events. These are online-only events (that may be broadcast from your in-store location) designed to publicise a sale, launch a new product, or increase customer retention. Of course, throwing a successful virtual retail event is often easier said than done.

All too many marketers have experienced the pain of clicking to launch an event, only to find that no one has bothered to tune in. If you’re looking for some inspiration from the pros, consider taking notes from the online bingo sector. Online bingo platforms have one of the best track records around for hosting high-impact virtual events. Let’s see what we can learn from them. 


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How an online bingo event works

To learn how an online bingo event actually works well, it’s worth looking at the bingo games at Paddy Power, a prominent digital bingo platform with a huge customer base. Alongside their “regular” online bingo offerings, Paddy Power offers live bingo events at virtually every hour of the day.

Visitors can pop into a “virtual bingo lounge” like Cash Cubes or Gold Room and play bingo with fellow players from around the world, as well as an actual caller that is declaring the numbers. This immersive and social aspect is what really makes these virtual events pop, and are the exact attributes that your retail store should be aiming for with your own digital events. 

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Why they work so well

Virtual bingo events are a core offering of online casinos, one that has been essential for attracting and retaining significant customer bases. If you want to apply their model to your retail events, here are some of the key live bingo features to keep in mind. 

A reason to stick around

With every virtual bingo event, someone has to win a prize. It is guaranteed that someone who shows up will get something, usually a rather large cash jackpot. You don’t have to offer the same thing, but you should always have a guaranteed incentive that at least one attendee will receive, as this gives people a reason to remember to tune in. 

Effectively publicized

Online bingo sites can also teach us a lot about the art of publicising a virtual event, per spotme. If you head to the landing page of a leading bingo platform, you will see the full list of upcoming events displayed prominently on the top header banner. All of the key info is there, including the top prize up for grabs and when the event starts. Remember to make your virtual retail event info prominent in this manner.

Cultivating loyalty and community

This is the most important one. Your virtual retail events should bring customers together, Entrepeneur.com reports, and make them feel like they are a part of something bigger. Your virtual events should address your customers as a community and should offer opportunities for them to interact. With regular events, your retail company can build a loyal following that could benefit your brand for decades. 

If you’re hosting a virtual event for your retail brand, follow the online bingo blueprint.