Mark your calendars for the 16-17 April 2024, as the Visual Merchandising and Display Show returns to the Business Design Centre in London.

In an age when the narrative often revolves around the digital takeover of retail, this event serves as a resounding reminder that physical retail is not just alive but thriving and continuously evolving.


The Visual Merchandising and Display Show: At the heart of the industry

Taking place in the heart of London, the Business Design Centre will be filled with a cornucopia of industry experts. Specialist suppliers will display an array of products including mannequins, props, Christmas Decorations, 3D designs, garment hangers, printed materials, textiles, lighting solutions, faux plants, graphic elements, window displays, signage, audio-visual equipment, large-scale printing, neon features, display cases, and various wall treatments, all aimed at elevating the customer experience.

Exhibitors are as varied as the sectors they represent, offering an expansive networking platform for all. It’s not only retail-centric; representatives from the hospitality and leisure industries will also find tremendous value. Think of this as a two-day intensive course on enhancing physical spaces to attract and retain customers, a must-attend event for businesses involved in crafting consumer experiences in any physical space.

The 2024 event introduces the innovative POPAI Zone, a dedicated space designed to offer brands, retailers, and industry experts a platform to explore cutting-edge trends and solutions in shopper marketing. The zone will feature a dynamic theatre content programme, including a series of seminars and masterclasses across the event’s two days. Serving as a networking hub, the POPAI Zone will facilitate connections among professionals, leading suppliers, and brands, encouraging collaboration and idea exchange. Additionally, an exclusive exhibition area will spotlight the latest offerings from POPAI members, while a special enclosure will display winning entries from the 2023 POPAI Awards.

A Multisector Audience

Visitors to the show are not limited to the retail sector. As physical spaces are crucial to the success of many businesses, the audience is a diverse mix of professionals from various sectors. Attendees range from small local businesses to international giants, all united by the understanding of the importance of physical retail and customer experience. Whether you’re a hotel chain looking to revamp your interiors or a local shop looking to increase footfall, the Visual Merchandising and Display Show has something to offer you.

If you’re involved in creating memorable experiences for visitors in any physical business environment, then attendance is imperative. As sectors continue to overlap and integrate, the Visual Merchandising and Display Show offers an unparalleled occasion for cross-sector learning and networking.

The Undying Spirit of Physical Retail

If you’ve been listening to the naysayers who claim that online retail will eventually usurp physical stores, think again. Physical retail is continually evolving, and events like the Visual Merchandising and Display Show are a testament to its resilience. They offer a tactile experience, something the online world cannot replicate. The smell of a new car, the feel of luxury fabric, or even the ambiance of a well-designed store — these are the elements that bring consumers back to physical spaces.

The Imperative of Exhibiting

Trade shows are often perceived as the lifeline of industry trends, innovations, and networking opportunities. It’s where brand representatives, decision-makers, and thought leaders converge to exchange ideas, showcase their latest offerings, and build meaningful connections. In the retail sector, particularly, trade shows serve as a physical platform for businesses to interact with their target audience, something that online platforms can’t wholly replicate.

For companies in the retail, leisure, and hospitality sectors, the Visual Merchandising and Display Show is an unmissable event. Why? Because it’s not just about retail; it’s about any sector that welcomes physical visitors. That includes leisure activities like cinemas and bowling alleys, as well as hospitality giants like hotels and restaurants. If your business thrives on customer experience in a physical space, this trade show is a goldmine of opportunities.

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