Sempere Mannequins is a leading company in the production of mannequins in
Spain since 1957.

Sustainability has always been at the core of the company, its latest contribution is a collection of sustainable bust forms made with circular material that is infinitely recyclable.


100% recycled & recyclable bust forms.

These Made In Spain bust forms collection represents a sustainable solution as it is
made with ResisTek (PE), a circular material infinitely recyclable and very resistant.
Recycled plastics can be integrated in the production of the mannequins and body
forms, obtaining bust forms made from 100% recycled materials.

In addition, they can add natural additives such as almond shells or wood sawdust to
the mannequins. They can also add bags or caps and plastic waste to the raw
material to minimize the amount of virgin material used in production and to prevent
these plastics from ending up in the sea or polluting our planet.

Plastic waste bags & caps.

Reuse & recycle your old mannequins

ResisTek offers a higher resistance in comparison to the traditional fibreglass
mannequins, extending the life of the mannequin. If the mannequin shows scratches
after being used, or you need an image renovation, it can be repainted or
upholstered to use it again.

Once the useful life of the product is over, Sempere can manage its waste to obtain
raw materials ready to create new mannequins. This is how they promote a
completely circular productive model.

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