The world of retail is rapidly changing, there are many reasons for this, and we mustn’t overlook the fact that retail companies are having to adapt quickly. Although we can’t always know what is on the horizon, we can make upgrades, implement changes and hope that what we do will help us see rapid growth and a more extensive customer base.

There are many areas to consider when choosing to invest in upgrades, and here are a few ideas to start your planning and decision-making process.



There are very few retail stores that don’t take card payments now, because most customers prefer the option. It can be incredibly inconvenient to lose a sale because someone hasn’t brought cash with them. So even though taking card payments takes a level of investment, it is overall worth the effort.

In addition to taking payments, there are plenty of other ways you can use tech in a retail store, from barcode scanners to rolling displays and biometric tracking devices, there are plenty of game-changing options for a retail store to implement. The main thing to remember, however, is that all technology installed must reach the required safety standards. Ensuring an electrical condition report for your property is carried out regularly and thoroughly by professionals means you will keep everyone safe, and meet legal requirements.


The layout and design of a retail store will mean more to the customer experience than you could imagine. The very moment a customer walks in they are going to see, hear and feel certain things, so it’s imperative that you take excellent care over the decor and design of the store.

Studies have shown that music, lighting, and how you lay items out for display can have an overall impact on the customer’s willingness to spend. Someone that is having a lovely experience in-store will ultimately pay more and is more likely to come back. Taking design seriously also extends to ‘word of mouth’ marketing, since happy customers will always share their experience with others. Standing out a little and doing something different with the design of your store will ensure that customers remember you as well.

Customer Service

Customer service is always essential, no matter what is going on elsewhere if a customer isn’t experiencing a good time when interacting with your team, then they will move on quickly. And as much as a happy customer will happily tell others about their experience, an unhappy one will take to social media and make sure the world knows about it.

Having a well-trained team, who are happy to help is the absolute best way to ensure that you avoid negative interactions and feedback. There are online training courses in which you can take advantage. It is recommended by customer care professionals that you always keep topping up this type of training, and check-in with your team often as well.


Getting people through the door in the first place so they can experience your customer service and beautifully designed store is a task in itself. Marketing professionals are there for a reason, and investing in your marketing plan is a worthwhile investment. If your marketing plan is looking a little dated, or what you have been trying has inconsistent results, then start researching ways you can level up your marketing.

Is your SEO working for you? Do residents know you exist and precisely what you have on offer? You may find that you haven’t covered all bases. But with a bit of advice plus an upgrade on your marketing and advertising plan, you are more likely to increase your customer base quickly.

Click And Collect

Click and collect has been one of the best ways for retail stores to overcome challenges in the past. Customers are still able to obtain their desired goods, safely, and businesses can continue to thrive. But there are some considerations to make if you haven’t opened up this service.

It would help if you had a way of tracking orders and ensuring that it is a straightforward process for everyone involved. There needs to be a concrete plan and the ability to get it right every time. Otherwise, you will end up with unhappy customers on your hands. Click and collect is an upgrade that even the smallest stores are offering right now, so keeping up with the demand for this service will keep your profits coming.

Taking time to consider your options and reassess your business plans is essential, too often mistakes are made because upgrades are rushed through, and the potential complications aren’t taken into account. But there are always positives to come from upgrading your store, and there are many different ways to make it work for your business. In turn, this helps your customers feel valued and as though you care.