The 2019 Christmas theme celebrates the enduring magic of Christmas, regardless of times changing in unpredictable ways. Christmas is still the time of year when people yearn for the magic, wonder and the tradition togetherness.

Boldly going into a futuristic vision of Christmas for its 2019’s theme – Future Fantasy – Selfridges rethinks traditional, beloved festive stories and re-tells tales as old as time, but through a modern lens. This is a next-generation Christmas, an interplay of old and new – even Santa has undergone a sleek and radical makeover by becoming Future Fantasy Santa.


Both ‘traditional’ Santa, and his 2019 alter ego Future Fantasy Santa will roam Selfridges come the Christmas season to delight children and grown-ups alike.

As in previous years, Selfridges launches its Christmas Shop in two phases, with phase two set to launch on Monday 2nd September with the complete, full-scale product offer.

The first phase has now launched with 100 more product lines than in 2018 bringing the total choice to well over 600 lines. When the full-scale Christmas Shop opens in September the selection will increase to 3,500 lines.

In the first phase, pricing starts with £2 for a London bus key ring and the cheapest Christmas bauble being a silver lurex glass bauble at £6. The most expensive bauble in comes in the shape of a ‘Santa on a motorcycle’ at £45 which is part of the ‘Santa’s Day Off’ range. When the full offer extends on Monday 2 September the most expensive bauble will be a velvet gold crown tree topper at £95.

Outside the Christmas bauble selection, the most expensive item sold currently is a 30cm-tall ‘Santa Yoga’ figurine priced at £100. Come September, among the most expensive items sold from the Christmas Shop, will be a pre-lit Bedminster fake Christmas tree at £2,000.

The on-going commercial success of the summer launch of the Selfridges Christmas Shop translates into year-on-year record sales, driven by both domestic early Christmas shoppers and souvenir-hunting overseas customers keen on bringing back home unique mementoes of a London Christmas.