This summer, Selfridges launches new destinations to help customers optimise wellbeing, including a dedicated Corner Shop that focuses on improving and enhancing sex and sleep.  

With sales of wellbeing supplements, superfoods and ingestibles up almost 125% at Selfridges since last year and almost 700% compared to pre-pandemic, The Feel Good Bar launches as a new permanent wellbeing destination at Selfridges London, dedicated to the discovery of feeling good. The bar will be a place for visitors to explore more than 250 of the latest and best products in wellbeing innovation, ranging from gut health to hormones, the ultimate hangover cures, and sleep hacking. The destination will be anchored by a new energy-lifting bar concept brought by JENKI, introducing a menu of matcha and alternative drinks that reimagine drinking culture. 


The long-term addition of a wellbeing category will be celebrated at The Selfridges Corner Shop, with a four-week project that explores two focus areas in depth, sex and sleep, offering new ways to optimise and embrace both with greater clarity and transparency. 

Sex and Sleep at The Selfridges Corner Shop will bring together a curation of sex and sleep enhancing products and services as Selfridges rethinks ways to make customers feel good. Pricc will host acupuncture sessions, there will be hypnotherapy from House of Wellbeing and the exclusive launch of Maude, the modern sexual wellness start-up where Dakota Johnson is Co-Creative Director. Customers will be the first to shop new products from brands such as LBDO and The Oh Collective, aiming to change conversation around pleasure, and explore the latest in sleep-tech. Selfridges team of wellbeing experts will be on hand to help navigate the selection, ensuring that everyone leaves feeling restored and informed. 


For the first time, The Cinema at Selfridges will be open for sleep sessions, inviting customers to take time out for the ultimate power nap in serene surroundings. This and other Feel Good Events will be available throughout July. 

Throughout July, customers can visit Selfridges on Oxford Street for a 40-minute power nap session, with audio hypnotherapy and calming scentscapes for ultimate relaxation.  

Set on the second floor of the Oxford Street store, restaurant Adesse from globally recognised chef Matthew Kenney offers ways to enhance lifestyle and wellbeing, with an innovative plant-based menu and a wine list of organic and biodynamic varietals.  

Through its new permanent destinations and an experimental temporary space, Selfridges’ ambition is to test and imagine a future for the wellbeing category that is inclusive, cliché-free and designed to maximise the potential for every ‘super self’. 

Sebastian Manes, Executive Buying & Merchandising Director at Selfridges, says: “The pandemic has placed wellbeing in the spotlight and accelerated the evolution of the wellbeing ecosystem. As a result, wellbeing is becoming ever more holistic and tech driven. People are re-evaluating what feeling good actually means and embracing new ideas. We want to help our customers to live brighter by offering experiences and solutions in a way that is non-conventional and future-thinking.”