Helping ensure the safety of pedestrians, TORMAX automatic sliding door systems can be fitted with a full-glass screen behind which the door leaf can recess as the entrance opens.  This removes the risk of the sliding door mechanism being interfered with or blocked by anyone, allowing immediate clear opening as people approach the door.

To keep the entrance looking smart, the pocket screen features a lockable hinge, allowing it to be quickly opened out for easy cleaning and for any accumulated debris to be removed.  


“Without the screen, if someone is, for example, leaning on the side panel as the door opens,” explains Simon Roberts, MD for TORMAX UK Ltd, “the sensors on the outer edge of the leaf will pick up the obstruction and cause the door to stop moving and return to the closed position. 

This is obviously unhelpful for those walking through the doors, as the sensors on the inner edge then respond to the obstruction in the doorway and try to re-open.”

In particularly busy locations, such as shopping centres and hospitals, the pocket screen can significantly improve the flow of foot traffic into and out of the building whilst protecting those people on either side of the doors.  Aesthetically it also neatly finishes off the doorway, creating a sleek and minimalist entrance that is safe for all users.