In early 2019 STAMP embarked on a very exciting project: to help reimagine the Visitor Centre experience on Sandringham Estate, home to Sandringham House the private residence of Her Majesty The Queen.

Working with a group of specialist agencies and suppliers, the client had outlined plans to revitalise the visitor experience. STAMP were asked to redesign the gift shop, courtyard and garden shop spaces and two cafes in the main visitor area, as well as provide a structured approach to visitor centre communications.


Working alongside the Estate team STAMP developed a narrative that is contemporary but heavily flavoured with life on a country estate.
Through a process of creation and review, the strategy evolved to demonstrate Sandringham’s commitments in the Visitor Centre, including organic farming, conservation, and sustainable country living.

Antique and vintage items of furniture were sourced from across the country to bring authentic rural texture and patina to shop displays. Imagery and historical context was sourced from the libraries of the Royal Collection. STAMP spent time with workers from across the Estate to understand their work and to inform communications and bring product to life.

Stamp were given access to Sandringham Estate stores to source decorative items that firmly root the Visitor Centre in the Norfolk countryside.

Sandringham Estate

The finished result is unique to Sandringham and offers a rich and diverse experience of life on the Royal Estate. The courtyard is a wide open space where people can browse the garden shop or sit beneath the oak trees.

The Sandringham Estate vaulted restaurant space is transformed in muted colours and natural materials, and throughout their visit, guests can learn more about the historical and modern‐day Estate.
The shop is a warm and inviting sketchbook of country life, and a backdrop for a new range of products; inspired by or sourced from the Estate, championing its organic and sustainable principles.

A large number of repurposed items – many of them from the Estate or the Royal collection – sit alongside bespoke fittings that create practical merchandising space, to strike a balance between atmosphere and the challenges of servicing a high number of customers each year.

Garry Marsden, Visitor Services Manager says:
“ Justin and the team at STAMP work at a lightning pace. The Sandringham Estate project required STAMP to work with a number of our stakeholders and at every turn there has been nothing but praise for their creativity and drive. The finished result speaks for itself”

Sandringham Estate