A celebration of saturated colour announces the launch of our renovated Louis Vuitton Maison store, like a firework framed in time. A bespoke three-dimensional painting that originates from the corner of New Bond Street, radiates vivid rays and savoir faire throughout the building.


A burst of expanding monogram pattern, this expressive artwork created by local talent takes inspiration from the changing colours of the sun, a blue sky above, and earthy tones below. From vermilion to burnt orange, shades of mauve to ultramarine, these elemental hues drench our figures and products in a riot of luminous colour. Sculpted people animate the lively theatre in-between, inviting everyone to interact with the display.

Full of life, this immersive installation flows across the Louis Vuitton stone façade, through the windows and drips into the interior. This optimistic gesture brightens London’s current mood, particularly in a grey October, adding positive energy to our cityscape. The creative was by Faye Mcleod and the Louis Vuitton in-house team. The scheme was produced by Scenic Sets.

Credit @fayedreamsalot on Instagram
Credit @fayedreamsalot on Instagram