Research by consumer parking app JustPark, today revealed that 79% of people would be more likely to visit their local high street or town centre if they could guarantee a parking space. 

As high street visits hit a six-year low in 2019, JustPark revealed that a more accessible town centre would entice local residents. Millennials were the driving force, with more than half of 16- to 34-year-olds saying guaranteed parking would see them on the local high street more frequently. This figure dropped with age, down to 34% for those aged 55+.


Those in the North West – particularly Manchester – felt particularly strongly, with 57% stating they would absolutely visit their local town centre more if a space was guaranteed. 

When it came to judging the local high street’s current parking facilities, 45% of people said they weren’t adequate at all. Popular UK destinations Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Nottingham were the least satisfied regions, where over half of respondents were unhappy with the available parking. Respondents in London and Glasgow were happiest with the parking facilities, where the majority (60% and 61% respectively) felt the local high street parking was adequate. 

Instead of ‘last mile’ tech solutions like scooters and bikes, research shows that 79% of Brits would rather their council invested in better parking facilities. This was felt most strongly in Belfast where 87% disregarded last mile tech in favour of bettering current facilities. Across the UK, this varied little with age groups, showing an overall preference for investment in existing mobility across generations. 

JustPark’s CEO and founder, Anthony Eskinazi, says, “With high street obituaries published nearly every week, local councils need to ensure that going to the shops comes as close as possible to the convenience of an online store. A huge part of this is accessible parking. It’s often tempting to look to the next big trend like scooters for the solution, but we’ve heard loud and clear that residents prioritise better parking facilities. Using technology that can remove a major pain point for the British public is a no-brainer for local councils.”