When walking through a shopping mall, it is easy to spot which retail stores are doing well. Some are filled with customers, and others are so empty that they would be lucky if even a fly decides to pay a visit.

What makes a retail store more attractive than another? Of course, it has something to do with the products they are selling. But you might be surprised by how much an attractive interior design can make a difference.


If you are wondering how to create a retail store interior that attracts more buyers, check out these six tips.

1. View from the Threshold

Every customer walks into a shop and stops at the threshold to take in the view. Make sure it’s worth looking at. Even when shoppers pass by a store, they sneak a peek at the shop. The view from the threshold can make it or break it for your store.

This “decompression zone” is where customers make critical decisions about whether to continue their exploration of the store or not. Keep the decor subtle. This area needs to stay roomy. You don’t want this area to be stuffed with products.

Try not to place any crucial products at the threshold, as that is the transition zone. No one lingers on the threshold for long. Here’s where shoppers decide whether to stay in your shop or leave.

If they stay, they are likely to walk past those displays and go deeper into the store. Keep your displays at the far end of “the view,” where you can add warm, inviting lights.

2. Create Your Power Wall

Once passed the threshold, there are few routes your customers will take. If you have a smaller store and the main path leads straight in, that’s where they will go.

However, if your retail store is sprawling, about 90 percent of shoppers will go in and turn to the right. At the far end of that path will be your power wall, as that’s where most customers naturally end up.

The displays on your power will sell out the fastest. This is why you should make this wall look attractive.

But, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. There are many DIY tricks you can use to style up your power wall. One simple trick is using duct tape to make an avant-garde diamond wall. This kind of statement wall is affordable and easy to make. Such designs can spruce up any regular wall and make it look extraordinary.

3. Pave the Path for Customers

If you want to be strategic about your retail store’s layout, you must consider paving a path for your customer.

You already know that most of your customers will go right. So, try to create a pathway from the threshold that goes to the right and beyond.

Organize your racks, displays, and decors in such a way that paves a clear path for customers. It should lead smoothly to other parts of the store, making sure your customer traffic passes all your displays before making it to the exit.

If the path comes full circle to the front door, you will ensure more purchases. However, if you have a large store, you should create some shortcuts to the door as shoppers might get frustrated if the path is too long.

4. Choose the Signature Color Scheme

If you want to take your retail business to the next level, consider using color schemes to create a brand presence. Customers tend to associate colors with brands.

You can immediately tell what is Sainsbury orange and Asda green, or even that particular green of Starbucks that makes you crave coffee. Color association with brands can be that strong.

If your retail store has some official colors that you used in your logo, try to use that for your interior design. If you don’t have one, think about the mood you want to create.

Let’s say you have a clothing brand and you want to create a chic aura with its interiors. Colors like beige, ivory, or any pastel shade can be minimalistic yet pleasing to the eyes.

If you are going for a more vibrant look, use bright colors that pop out but are still subtle enough not to overwhelm your customers.

5. Update Your Displays

Your displays are where your products are staged. If you put on a good show, any customer will happily buy your product. Try to frequently update your display and make it as engaging as possible.

Your displays shouldn’t look old or worn out. Some people use technologies like display screens to keep them more engaging.

If you can make your displays look nice and aesthetic, it will make your customers want to take photos in your store. Once they share it on social media, it can be like free promotion.

Nothing turns off a shopper more than seeing the same item on display in a retail store they saw two months ago. For some customers, seeing old products on a second visit can make them not return. This is why updating your display with fresh products is crucial.

6. Tantalize the Senses

The retail ambiance you create can attract more shoppers into your store. A great way to do that is by creating an atmosphere that sets the mood. You have to aim for all their senses, to keep them involved inside your store.

The colors of the walls, displays, furniture, and decor should invigorate their eyes. The air should smell fresh. Try to keep the interior fragrant without being overwhelming. Some stores can become stuffy due to poor ventilation. Try to improve the indoor air quality.

If you are selling food, you can set up tasting stations. Allow customers to touch the products safely so that you can employ all their senses. Choose music carefully and keep the volume in the Goldilocks zone—not too loud, not too low.

Final Thoughts

Still wondering how to create your retail store interior? We hope these tips will help you attract more customers. Make sure you stage your threshold view so that it makes people want to come in and explore. Pave the path to gently nudge them to the right displays.

The experience of visiting your retail store should be pleasant. Tantalize the senses of your customers using the best possible sights, sounds, and smells. We hope you can create a happy shopping experience for your buyers!