Once in a while, you get to do something really transformative as an organization. As Levi’s key partner, the iconic brand asked us to participate in their comprehensive global sustainability initiative affecting everything from their denim production, to employees’ well-being, to broader environmental and community effects.

It all started with an organic, post meeting walk-through of a Levi’s store with the Levi’s Brand Environments Team, and unfolded over the course of several months. After a follow up meeting with them at GlobalShop, and many conversations and explorations we identified and executed a significant number of sustainable, in-store, impactful brand marketing activations.


Many solutions centre on our supplying a high volume of silicone edge graphics (SEGs) which are fabric graphics that use a sewn-in gasket to mount into aluminium frames. We transitioned their printed graphics to a recycled content gasket and fabric and also developed a return-recycle policy whereby each Levi’s store receives a return shipping label to use with the original shipping box. They send the graphics back to Moss in the same box for recycling whenever there’s a graphic change-out.

We took it a few steps further and removed all plastic packaging for Levi’s environmental branding solutions produced in our Chicago facility. We also sourced corrugate with higher recycled content for our specialized Packsize packaging machine in Salt Lake City. This corrugate stock is 70% recycled content, up from a previous 30%.

Green Moss materials implemented for Levi’s:

SustainaTex – general-use SEG fabric, 100% recycled content (100% post-consumer)
SustainaGlow – lightbox SEG fabric, 100% recycled content
SustainaGasket – SEG gasket made from recycled content
SustainaBoard – Printable rigid substrate, recyclable, renewable resource, and biodegradable

At Moss, we understand that the best partners are the ones that help you innovate – in mindset, ideas and action. Levi’s challenged us, and we were able to deliver a scalable solution equal to their ambitious sustainability goals. Transformation is no small thing, but it’s thrilling, and it’s a challenge we accept.

Moss’s Sustainability Commitment
Moss green efforts are part of our mission to be a good corporate citizen. As a socially responsible company, we respect our customers, value our employees, contribute positively to our communities and honour the natural environment.