In any business, it’s inevitable that at some point a staff member will either hand in their notice or be asked to leave the company. Whether they’re quitting or being fired, having a smooth offboarding process in place to deal with it is important. It’s not always a negative thing to have an employee leave your company – it can be a great learning curve in terms of the areas you can improve upon as well as what you need to look for in the next recruit. However, when an individual leaves the organisation, an online HR system can be invaluable in helping with offboarding. Here are some of the ways HR systems can make the process easier.  

Revoking IT Access
Whether an employee leaves on bad terms or not, it’s not wise for them to have continued access to data and IT systems. Studies have shown that in some businesses, it can take more than a week for an employee to be removed from the system and in 20% of cases, it can take more than a month. Having people who are no longer employees retain their access to company data for this amount of time can have disastrous consequences, so it’s crucial to have a system which automatically revokes access and privileges straight away. HR systems carry out this aspect of the offboarding process immediately and many also include audit trails so you can access the records of all rights and permissions that need to be handled.  


Legal Compliance
Legal requirements can differ widely, from industry to industry, country to country. One of the ways this can change is depending on whether the parting of ways was voluntary or not. There will be company-specific policies which need to be referenced here, such as whether a contract termination is in line with any previous disciplinary action as well as severance packages. HR systems can automatically generate the documents associated with these policies so that everyone who is required to, can sign as needed to ensure that the termination of the contract is legally binding and compliant with the relevant regulations.

Exit Interviews
When an employee chooses to leave your business, it can be a useful task to question why. After all, not knowing why staff leave makes it harder to construct any kind of employee retention strategy. Exit interviews or surveys are a great way of gathering this data for future insight, so you can put new initiatives in place or rectify any problems before more staff are inclined to leave. 

Exit Portal for Employees
In addition to the business gathering the documents and information it needs to move forward with the offboarding process, the employee leaving should also be able to gather what they need easily. Exit portals make it easy for the individual to pick up paychecks, read over exit interview questions, view information on benefits and gather alumni network details. HR systems with offboarding functionality provide this feature which can be tailored to show relevant information and personal messages.