After what felt like an eternity of lockdowns, restrictions and general gloom, our newly discovered freedoms make a welcome return as we aim to get back to some sort of normality.

The need to hit the re fresh button within many areas of retail is tangible if businesses want to stay relevant, and so it’s no surprise many other areas within the industry feel the same. HOL Group are no exception.

‘Farringdon Realistic’ mannequins are presented in a variety of sizes and ethnicities

Taking the opportunity to re-engage with its customers once more, and hot on the heels of Farringdon Youth, launched back in the Spring, HOL have turned their attention to re-imagining two of its main mannequin ranges as part of its 25th year anniversary celebrations – and ready for the new season ahead.

The Groups popular Farringdon mannequin collection were first to get an updated treatment. Entitled ‘Farringdon Realistic’ mannequins are presented in a variety of sizes and ethnicities.  

“We wanted to show just how versatile this collection can be,” said Anthony Rendall-Davis, Creative Director. “Representation and body positivity have always been important to me within our industry. You hear so often about representing plus size however, many times this actually falls short. Having the opportunity to develop this range from the usual size 8 to a size 20 was crucial for me”

Perfectly positioned to reflect the trend for ‘realism’ within mannequin displays Farringdon Realistic demonstrates what can be achieved. 

Rendall goes on to say “We intentionally used the same female face for three of the poses as we wanted to demonstrate just how different these can look with different skin tones, wigs and make up” 

The move was a hit, with several major retailers taking inspiration from the shoot – expect to see elements of Farringdon Realistic in stores across the UK later this year. 

Next in line was Piccadilly – originally launched in late 2019, the dynamic collection of mannequins has drama at its core. 

“It felt like we only just presented Piccadilly to the world and then we all went into the pandemic” said Rendall Davis. “The opportunity to re-invent them in a highly stylised way was perfect for setting a new optimistic mood post lockdown” He goes on to say, “I didn’t want the mannequins to be too literal, the shoot needed to be more conceptual than that.”

HOL worked closely with Peluca Studios for the wigs and make up in what has culminated as a perfect collaboration. 

The result – sees Piccadilly as a remarkable blend of coquettish kitsch with serious attitude – a fusion of Japan’s Kyoto Geisha and rebellious punk. 

Both mannequin ranges are available to view by appointment at HOL’s Kings Cross showroom, whilst new for autumn, a newly designated mannequin site is now live – showcasing the brands entire mannequin portfolio to include bespoke and sustainable options.

View the collections at

It’s clear to see that as 2021 unfolds, HOL’s Silver anniversary year is shaping up to be golden one.