To celebrate diptyque’s 60th anniversary, StudioXAG’s creative team bring to life the Maison’s vision of an immersive globetrotting extravaganza.

To mark the milestone, the pioneering parfumerie Maison has launched five limited edition scented creations dedicated to the spirit of each destination. Visitors are given the chance to travel the world from West to East, learning something new about diptyque at every stop.


The first destination on the tour is Paris – a hot air balloon floats above a large labyrinth-like installation of curved illustrated sheets of paper, evoking the archetypal booksellers of Boulevard Saint-Germain, home of diptyque’s first ever boutique.

We continue onto Venise, inspired by the gardens of the Serenissima lagoon. Visitors are enveloped in the lush greenery and reflective beauty of the floating city.

Moving through to the Greek village of Miliès, which sits at a unique intersection between the Aegean Sea and Mount Pelion. Evoking the traditional stone Pelion architecture of the region, an organic installation of blue and ochre amphorae highlight the collectable, scented ceramic ovals that disperse the scent of fig and cypress trees throughout the space.

Travelling towards Byblos, the scent of ancient coffee souks beckon visitors. Inside a cabana made of natural cords lays the exclusive candle inspired by the Lebanese city, sat atop a hammered copper pedestal inspired by traditional briki coffee pot.

The tour is completed in Kyoto, birthplace of ikebana, the Japanese minimalist art of flower arranging. The heady rose and vetiver fragrance is presented surrounded by a crinkle chiffon curtain where visitors can position their own flower arrangements.

“The Grand Tour pop-up echoes the history of the maison, while focussing on the brand’s contemporary vision” – Amanda Morgan, diptyque UK Managing Director

During the 4-week pop-up, a schedule of interactive events and workshops including an ikebana workshop, in-conversation with guest speakers from Perfume Society and Elle Decoration further immerse visitors into the world of diptyque.

Le Grand Tour will run from 6th September until 3rd October at the Selfridges’ Corner Shop in London.