The Coach holiday scheme has been inspired by the late 70’s and early 80’s in New York City, you’ll find many NYC elements that make the execution fully magical.

Overlooking the city in an oversized Snowglobe are New York City skyscrapers like the One World Trade and Empire State building. Commuters can be seen on the Subway heading home on the train. You will find a New York City payphone tagged with stickers and the lamp post from Coach House cross streets. The scene includes a 24/7 Bodega – where you can get coffee, lottery tickets, cold beer and more. The infamous pizza rat makes a special appearance as well as the friendly New York pigeons. And from the iconic Times Square, you will see a special showing of “Rexy Takes Manhattan.”


Coach Ginza

Set as the backdrop to our New York Snowglobe, is a nostalgic sunset featuring twinkling lights and glitter. We wanted to recreate the feeling of watching the day end with a beautiful sunset, as the night stars come alive as holiday festivities continue throughout the night. And it wouldn’t be a Coach Holiday without a little bit of glitter.

Coach, Regent Street

In Taiwan visitors are invited to experience a Coach Holiday pop-up full of shimmer, shine and an immersive NYC snow room.

The holiday scheme rollout is continued in the Coach House in New York City: