Botox has gained quite a reputation in the market for its effectiveness. The process is non-surgical and is incredibly popular due to mass acceptance. No matter whatever issues you are facing; whether it is facial wrinkles or sagging skin, you opt for Botox.

All you need to type is Botox clinics near me on the Internet and make an appointment. Before that, do you know there are plenty of myths associated with Botox? To discover them, read on.



Myth 1: The procedure is painful

The fact is that Botox is not painful, but you are going to feel some sort of discomfort when your surgeon puts cosmetic injections into your face. However, the pain is bearable and you will not end up screaming. Many patients have compared the sensation to an insect sting or a bite of a mosquito. The better surgeon you choose, the lesser discomfort you are going to encounter.

Myth 2: It is made only for women

This is a pure misconception that Botox injections are purely made for women. The truth is men too love to enhance their physical appearance and defy the natural ageing process. Fortunately, nowadays, more men are undergoing cosmetic treatments and embracing the idea of the same. Whether you want to cover up your facial wrinkles or lessen the fine line appearance, you can opt for this procedure, irrespective of gender.

Myth 3: It bestows immediate and permanent solution

No! Botox treatment is not permanent. Though it is a great way to lessen your wrinkles and fine lines, it is not meant to last forever. The results are short-term and will stay for approximately six months. You need to schedule an appointment with your doctor whenever you will find your facial muscles relaxing and the lines are reappearing. Moreover, the result is not instant. You need to wait for at least five days or a week to see the outcome.

Myth 4: Botox is only used to fix wrinkles

This is one of the biggest myths of this cosmetic procedure. Botox offers so much more to the table rather than just treating wrinkles. It offers a myriad of cosmetic uses, such as softening and sharpening the jawline, lifting facial muscles, lifting eyebrows, treating drooping muscles, reducing forehead lines and more. You can learn more about these cosmetic procedures from your doctor.

Myth 5: Your face will be without expressions

People assume that getting the injections will tighten the muscles of your face, making you look like an animated character. Well, this misconception is utter nonsense! This can be true if you end up getting injected by a novice in a beauty salon. You need to type a Botox clinic near me on the Internet and find the right one with approved doctors. The injections are going to give you a youthful appearance rather than wiping away all your expressions.

Unfortunately, some myths of Botox treatment exist, but this is one of the best treatments to enhance your aesthetic. It is advisable to talk to your surgeon and clear all your clouded judgement regarding the method.