A high standard of quality and a perfectly coordinated choice of materials are at the heart of all Beldona collections. It’s an approach that has been transferred to the look & feel of the new retail store concept. Silk, lace, etc., as a second, secret layer on the skin, the game of seeing and guessing, of covering and discovering – applied at the point of sale, materiality, layering and patterns speak the language of sensuality, intimacy and privacy, yet present themselves simply and cleanly just like the new brand image. Soft materials are contrasted with metal accents. The muted acoustics, the changing rooms with heavy curtains and carpeting also play their part. Everything is bathed in warm nude and shades of white as a basis; highlights are chosen from a harmonious colour spectrum ranging from gold, champagne and rosé to blue, turquoise and grey.


If a shop is crammed full of goods, most customers will become disorientated. That is why the agency DFROST has focused closely on generating guidance and creating visible areas and clear collection capsules on which the eye can fix. Specific item needs were addressed by creating dedicated areas and defining spaces.

Thanks to optimum nearby storage in pull-out trays and drawers, each customer can still discover many favourites yet retain an overview of the collections. There is plenty of space here for body positivity and self-love: Beldona has all shapes for all shapes and has positioned all sizes equally in each collection instead of sending the plus-size customer to the very back of the shop. Beldona’s maxim of taking the customer by the hand and giving them the very best advice is supported by plenty of seats and counters where customer service can be provided. In exchange, there is no classic, rigid checkout set-up.

Beldona’s shop in Aarau marks the starter’s shot for a rollout which will allow the new retail store concept to be applied in around 80 locations, both inside and beyond Switzerland’s borders.