Amsterdam based eyewear brand Ace & Tate have opened their first store featuring a fully recycled interior. Located in Antwerp, Belgium, the stores interior is part of a collaboration Rotterdam based designers, Plasticiet, who sourced rubbish from the local area.

Ace & Tate took this approach for its second store as responsible retail design is a key priority for the company. This is just the start for Ace & Tate who are working towards achieving Carbon neutrality by 2030 and by the end of 2020 will offer 100% of their collection made from bio acetate.


Combining all sorts of household waste, a unique sheet material was created as the heart of the store’s design.  All the waste was sorted using infraed light by the collection company Suez, and the hand-picked by Plasticiet to achieve the desired look and colour combination.  In order to create the look and feel of rich terrazzo, they incorporated large segments of colour into the sheets.

The design brought together a unique design concept with the brand’s signature neon lighting. A bold installation pays homage to everyday household objects such as plastic bottles that are the basis of the waste material used in the interior.