There’s a unique thrill and sense of pride that comes with the prospect of finally being able to own your dream car. It’s a feeling that many of us have coveted for a large portion of our lives: driving down the street, its sleek design, heads turning as you rev its powerful engine. 

However, on the path from aspiration to ownership, there are several important steps to take and many careful considerations you shouldn’t rush. From financing options to test driving, selecting a dealership and finally signing your name on the dotted line, there are many variations of the journey to becoming a car owner and many opportunities for you to make assertive decisions in how you proceed. 

You may, for example, choose to opt for a used version of your dream car in order to stay within your budget rather than buying it brand new. Or maybe you’ll decide to consider leasing your dream car so that you can renew it at the end of a fixed lease period instead of buying it for a long-term commitment. Let’s say you own a Range Rover and are exploring Evoque deals. These are options you can explore in-depth at Vantage Leasing to ensure that the dream car deal you eventually make is one free of regrets or resentments. 

  1. Stick to Your Goal 

Setting the financial goal of buying your dream car is an act of long-term commitment and determination. While immediate needs and wants may come up and interfere with your ideal saving plan, it’s important that you don’t lose hope or sight of your dream: to soon settle into the comfortable and luxurious driver’s seat of your ideal car. 

Review your budget and see how much money you can set aside each month toward this goal, and use this estimation to calculate how long you think it’ll take for you to reach it. Having a fixed timeline in your head will help motivate you toward affording your dream car and prevent you from making excuses when it comes to spending money on other expenses. 

Most of all, have patience – saving for your dream car is a marathon, not a sprint! 

  1. Wait for the Best Deal 

Once you have the capital required and a clear budget set aside, it’s time to start looking for offers. But it’s important that you don’t settle for the first offer you find. If you have very specific requirements in mind, like model and colour, don’t settle for less than your dream. It may take time and patience, but finding the perfect deal that ticks all your boxes will be worth the wait. 

You may find that the first offer you see could be found for a more reasonable price or that your dream model could be found in a colour that better suits your vision. Review your options, and don’t allow pressure to rush your buying process. It’s also advisable that you do your own research to make sure you’re not getting ripped off. 

  1. Do Your Research 

From car dealerships to makes and models, it’s imperative that you conduct as much research as possible during your buying process. If you only consider one dealership or even one area where your dream car is available, you could be locking yourself out of a great deal elsewhere. 

Make use of all the resources at your disposal – search engines, word of mouth, social media, and simply calling or visiting dealerships and enquiring about their showroom offers. This way, when you finally clinch the perfect deal, you’ll have full confidence that you’ve done your due diligence and found the very best offer for your dream vehicle. 

  1. New vs Used

Whether you opt for a brand-new or a used car is largely dependent on your budget. But your dream car is still your dream car, even if it’s been driven by someone else before. The important thing to keep in mind if you decide to consider a used car is mileage and condition, as you don’t want to compromise too much on overall quality. 

You’ll also want to carefully review any second-hand car’s vehicle history report. While a brand-new vehicle may be more expensive upfront, you’ll ultimately have greater peace of mind and more years of uninterrupted driving bliss ahead of you. 

  1. Financing Options 

Once you’ve set your sights on a particular vehicle, it’s time to review the dealership’s various financing options. The option that suits you will depend on your budget and the kind of commitment you’re looking for. For example, a shorter financing period of 24 months may result in larger monthly payments, but you’ll be able to pay off your dream vehicle sooner rather than later. Some financing options can also come with various perks and offers included, such as regular maintenance or road tax. 

If you want to opt for a short-term commitment that is cost-effective and allows you to drive a new vehicle more often, you might want to consider leasing your vehicle instead of purchasing it. Vehicle leasing offers greater flexibility and could be your optimal path to driving your dream vehicle without the burden of a depreciating asset on your hands. 

  1. Test Drive Multiple Options 

Just because you test drive one vehicle, that doesn’t mean you’ve made any commitment. There is truly no limit as to how many cars you can test drive, so make the most of this time and really consider every one of your options. Once you think you’ve made your decision, you can even go for one or two more test drives to make absolutely sure you’re happy with the vehicle before you seal the deal. 

  1. Negotiate Your Price 

Once you’ve made your final decision, it’s worth sitting down with your vehicle salesman and discussing costs. While you might think the price listed is a final decision, you’d be surprised how many salesmen are open to negotiating. If you can’t get a lower price, you could possibly get increased benefits included that may make a real difference in the overall ownership costs. 

To sum it all up…

Owning your dream car might seem like a lofty, far-off aspiration that could never come true, but don’t sell yourself short! Millions of people have made it happen, and you can, too. With diligent saving, thorough research, patience and expert negotiating skills, you’re a lot closer to getting behind that wheel than you think.