New data from Scurri, the next-generation delivery management platform, reveals nearly 9 in 10 (88%) UK retailers believe a branded post-purchase tracking capabilities built into the delivery experience improves customer shopping journeys, leading to an increase in repeat purchasing (44%) and loyalty and retention (44%).

In-depth research of 351 UK based pure-play and omnichannel retailers with a turnover of £1m+, conducted on behalf of Scurri, reveals the increasing importance of post-purchase experience in 2023.  The number of retailers who identified the provision of customer support tools, including ‘Where is my order’ (WISMO) data and tracking push notifications, as a key business benefit increased +26% YOY from January 2022.


Highlighting the increasing complexity of meeting the demands of consumers who expect to shop seamlessly across multiple touchpoints, respondents working at omnichannel businesses (92%) were more likely those at pure play ecommerce retailers (84%) to think a branded post-purchase tracking solution would improve their customer experience.

Additional research of 1,000 UK consumers in the Last Mile Delivery: What consumers want in 2023 and how retailers can take control report, conducted in by Scurri and IMRG, shows nearly half of respondents (46%) believe post-purchase shipping updates should come from the retailer or brand rather than the delivery partner.  59% of respondents reported they would have more confidence in the tracking information sent if it came directly from a retailer – highlighting the need for brands to take ownership of the post-purchase experience.

Rory O’Connor, founder and CEO, Scurri, commented: “The final step in the online purchase experience is the delivery of the product and shopper engagement during the last mile plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction. Clearly, customers expect retailers and brands to be in control of the full delivery experience, including delivery updates, and this presents an excellent opportunity to continue to engage the customer.”

“It’s well-known tracking emails can achieve a far higher open rates than those of typical marketing emails.  A delivery management platform combined with post-purchase experience means retailers can personalise and customise communications during this period of exceptionally high engagement to boost loyalty, tee up subsequent orders and deliver revenue growth,” O’Connor continued.

Scurri Track Plus, enables retailers to take control of the post-purchase experience and turn it into a marketing opportunity by boosting loyalty with highly-customisable, own-branded tracking emails, which reduce WISMO queries and protect customer acquisition and retention.