The steele. HOUSE flagship store is a physical manifestation of all that the fashion brand embodies. From the tactility of finishes that ignite the senses, to the saturation of natural light that makes for a dreamy retail atmosphere.

The boutique is the first of its kind, bringing the primarily online retail company steele into the physical realm, with help from interior design firm The Stylesmiths™.


Striving to encapsulate the brand’s ethos, steele. evokes a brazen femininity that is effortless, inclusive and charged with captivating individuality. The Stylesmiths™ alongside designers Kirsten Dahl-Feathers and Carlie Ng set out to create an environment that fosters connection; a home for the team that work behind the scenes of this progressive retail brand. It is a meeting place for a unique community of creators, designers, bloggers and customers. Reflecting this, the brief asked for a space that was flexible, with the ability to be reconfigured to host influencer/media dinner parties one night and returned to a retail space the next day, all while housing HQ offices upstairs.

As with every retail interior design project, the brand’s distinct aesthetic and character underpinned every decision, deriving bundles of inspiration from the soft, romantic persona that steele. has established online. This ultra-feminine brand is expressed via beautiful seasonal collections that so often burst with vibrant colour to tonal hues. To achieve a harmonious gallery-style backdrop that would complement rather than compete with these collections, the colour palette for the built environment was deliberately kept muted, opting for shades grounded in versatility.

Working to retain and compliment the original architectural language of the 1900’s heritage building, big sweeping arches were introduced between spaces to create synergy and flow, enhanced by walls in a gentle French wash that relaxes the main areas. A custom-built point of sale counter in raw plaster is paired against marble plinths and tables, whilst a warm glow emanates from the change rooms at the back of the retail space. Against clay hues, a cathedral-like halo floods over the cubicle walls buoyed by the burnt umber rug. Accent wall sconces fanning upwards between the doorways, add depth and diffused light to create a timeless retail interior design.

Photographs Nicole England –