With its trendy approach to eyewear, unique business model, transparency and sustainability initiatives, Ace & Tate continues to push the boundaries set by traditional opticians. Its uber-cool online presence is coming through strongly in its growing number of bold, bright, and visually impactful physical retail spaces. Shoplight is delighted to be working with fellow B Corp Ace & Tate, helping them deliver lighting that complements its recognisable interiors and branding.

There were a range of crucial factors that Shoplight considered when lighting Ace & Tate, elements of which can be applied to other opticians.


The product

Eyewear is small, has reflective surfaces, is often dark in colour, and is densely merchandised. Light needs a surface to refract off and, in this case, the only surface available to make ‘pop’ is the frames. The team ensured there were sufficient spotlights to accent light the products whilst limiting shadowing beneath each shelf, especially where there was no local shelf lighting.

Glare from reflective surfaces like lenses and display cases can be an issue in such environments. Through careful placement of the spotlights and the use of products with deep-set LED modules, glare was controlled in areas of the store where customers were most likely to try on the frames.

Colour temperature

Shoplight spent time experimenting with different colour temperatures for Ace & Tate. After various samples were considered, a crisp white LED source was chosen, which allows for stronger reds and crisper whites. A 3100K fashion LED chip was used to create this warmer white light which results in a cozier and inviting atmosphere.

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

Light plays a particularly important role in an opticians because buying eyewear is an emotive experience. CRI measures how accurately a light source reveals the true colours of objects. Using a high CRI of over 90 helps customers accurately assess the colour and appearance of eyeglass frames and lenses.

Shoplight considered the impact of the chosen lighting on skin tones because it is important that customers subconsciously feel good when trying on a pair of glasses. A great complexion with reduced shadowing means a customer is more likely to like what they see and make a purchase!

Task lighting

Opticians need particularly good lighting for their work, especially when examining patients’ eyes or assisting with frame selection. The ability to control lighting levels is vital when tasks and patients vary like this. The task lighting needed to be adjustable and provide focused, shadow-free illumination. This is why DALI dimmable spotlights were chosen for the Optician rooms where full control of the lighting was needed depending on the tasks being undertaken.

Light focusing

Shoplight’s Managing Director, Mark Shortland got to visit Ace & Tate in Leeds and we asked him what stood out to him. “The importance of focusing was very apparent. Each display required both wide and narrow beam spotlights to ensure an even spread of light and contrasting eye-level accent lighting to draw customers to the displays. The lighting wouldn’t achieve this consistently without being focused and I’m proud to be able to offer this service to our clients.”

Shared values solidify a working partnership

When Shoplight became a B Corp they were drawn to working with other B Corps because of shared common values that could form a solid foundation on which to work together. Shoplight initiated contact with Ace & Tate, and after several emails and calls, they met their designer to review an existing store. 

Ace & Tate became a B Corp in 2021 and has been working on improving their sustainable impact ever since. Amongst other things, today they recycle old products to make new ones, use sustainable materials, operate stores using renewable energy and gather emissions data.

Shoplight is thrilled to be able to help Ace & Tate meet its sustainability targets by supplying them with lighting from its High-Efficiency EU-made range. They are committed to providing a high-quality lighting service which is not always available. For Ace & Tate this has included reviewing existing lighting, carrying out trials, sending samples, designing, and rendering each store, and then focusing them to ensure the desired effect was created. 

Shared values and the delivery of a quality service is solidifying this partnership with new stores now completed in Leeds, Cardiff, Berlin, Borough Yards, Bluewater and Copenhagen, with Bath and Rotterdam to come.

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