Bespoke Hat Maker Marcel Rodrigues opened a pop-up shop at 20 Savile Row on Thursday 12 October. Known for his bespoke fedoras, Marcel Rodrigues took over the space as the first ever bespoke hatter on The Row in its centuries long history. Marcel brings his unique style to the tailoring district, further expanding the bespoke offering on The Row.

Founder Marcel Steyn started his career as an apprentice at Cad & The Dandy on Savile Row in 2008 where he learned the art of tailoring. Moving out of London in search of other opportunities, Steyn noticed a gap in the market for a truly bespoke hat making process, and subsequently began making hats in his garage in 2019. The demand for a much larger space happened quickly, and Steyn relocated his business to Cornwall where his customer base of hat lovers grew exponentially. Now the brand is opening its second location at the home of bespoke tailoring, Savile Row.


For Marcel Rordrigues, the process of hat making is just as important, if not more so than the final product. A Rodrigues hat begins with the client consultation to discuss exactly what it is they want in their one-of-a-kind headpiece. Every part of the process is customised and hand-crafted, right down to the lining within. The hat pelts, integral for any Rodrigues creation, are classed as bi-products meaning the business doesn’t encourage, nor create fur-farming demand. Instead, Marcel Rodrigues utilises materials already available to him. What’s more, his clothing line is crafted using either 100% renewable energy, sustainably sourced cloth or dead stock. All hats will be made on Savile Row from start to finish and they will have an exclusively designed Savile Row lining.

Jenny Casebourne, Head of Portfolio at The Pollen Estate said: “We are thrilled to welcome Marcel Rodrigues to the estate – a new bespoke hat maker on Savile Row. Having complimentary apparel, such as a hat maker, only strengthens the offer to customers and in addition, supports our dedication to British craftsmanship.”

Marcel Steyn, Founder of Marcel Rodrigues commented: “I am extremely honored and excited to be on Savile Row again, not just as an apprentice tailor but as a bespoke hat maker in my own shop. We are thrilled to be making history as the first bespoke hatters to offer and subsequently craft a fully personalised experience for our clients.”